December 20, 2008

Don't Judge A Rock By Its...Height?

SO!! I'm sure about everybody has done the whole indoor-rock climbing thing. I hadn't til this point in my long, wisdom-filled life and I must say....I am still unbelievably sore. I have a friend, Bryce, that works at Rockreation in SLC and he invited me and the dufus, aka EEreeca, to go and experience this little indoor treat. Ironically I have been wanting to go rock climbing FOREVER and haven't had the equipment or the proper use-and-abuse friends that I could benefit from. Anywho, we went and it was tons of fun. Apparently you're supposed to use your legs, not your arms to get from one point to the next. I missed that memo and I used only upper body, I don't have any upper body muscle to speak of, so that will help in explaining my inability to pick up a fork.

ISOP - International School Of People

These are just a few of the kids that I tutor on a daily basis. I love my job....If you can even call it that. I go to East High, which is two blocks away (and yet I still find an excuse to drive sometimes) and I chill with kids from across the globe for two hours. At times I find it in my heart to actually help them with their studies, but for the most part a lot of them just come in and enjoy having someone to talk to. I think they are beautiful kids, and most of them speak more than two languages. Yeah, thanks HHS, I barely know one;). I'm a little embarrassed at my lame skin and pretty easy childhood. Most of them were brought here by the UN because of wars in their countries. I feel so inadequate when I hear their stories, I'm usually like, "Well, back in 'nam' I had a lot of struggles....'

I don't really know how to control the lay out of these pictures and their subheadings, so I'll just let you play the matching game:

In these we have: Anna (ah-nu), she is Arabian and hilarious,

Medona - she is from India and so sweet, Myself - cute as a button, and Deepika - she is from Napal and gorgeous

Veronica and Camilla Fuenzillida - (these are two of my Faves) they are twins from Chile and they are some of mine and Lee's best pals at East. This is them takin on our tradition of the "game face"

Leslie - Leslie is from El Salvador and Naima - She is from Africa, I forget which specific country. but Naima is way funny.

Tenzin and Victoria aren't here but I help those girls quite frequently. Tenzin is from Tibet and I highly recommend that the sisters, on their next adopting excursions, adopt a little girl from Tibet, they're beautiful. Victoria, Naima, and Josephine are all from Africa and lived insane lives before moving to the US. Civil Wars, tons of dead family members, they've witnessed a lot of hard things. I really admire these kids and how fun they are despite their crazy pasts. I totally don't deserve to be paid for this cush job

November 26, 2008

My Biotches

So, I just so happen to have some best friends that would rock-your-world-america (quote - dick the weatherman). They happened to come up this last weekend and we had a marvelous time together, feeding the homeless, bathing stray cats, picking up litter in pioneer park, etc. It's just what we do for fun. I know, you feel guilty, you and your friends never serve like we do...don't fear, we all have gifts and something to offer. Except you Josep! (the 'except you josep' will make sense if you check out Jo Koy on Youtube, a very funny comedian that I thoroughly recommend in the convenient hours of the day. Anyways, here's just some of our cutest looks that I am going to share with you. Oh, and the pumpkin pic is because I am pretty sure we ate more baked pumpkin goods, (pumking cookies, bread, pancakes, etc) than a mediocre sized village could in a week. It did not leave our insides feeling very happy

Holy War pics

I hope that these pics will give you a sense of just how crazy it was, but I doubt it. The fans that are on the field were only about half that were on it by the end. I don't remember having rushed the field, but sure enough I ended up down there...a little zealous don't ya think.

Victory and Creativity!

Well, as I'm sure most of you saw, my home-dogs on the football team gave a good ol walloping (sp?) to the team down south. It was a crazy ars game and believe you me, i was a bit intimidated by the spectacle. No fear however, it only took moments for me to be immersed into the age old rivalry. I have never seen that many people cheering for one team, it was enough to make a lesser individual (obviously not me;) ) emotional....jk. Admittedly our defense gave me a bit of a scare a couple of times and Brian Johnson nearly gave me a premature death, but all in all they played like champs. MOUNTAIN WEST CONFERENCE CHAMPS! But it was a really fun game and I must admit that one of my favorite parts was not the game, it was the posters. Sure, a couple of them could be called inappropriate, but lets not let that take away from the vast amount of humor that was found in the posters people made for the game. here are a few of my favorite
"You may have God, but we have KING LOUIS!" (a bit sac-relig, i know)

"The last cougar I gave respect to was your mom...or was that just a cougar??"

"10 - 2, not bad BYU"

"FACT: Bronco voted against proposition 8.....that's all I'm sayin."

November 4, 2008

H-ween continued

In these we have Kara and Co(I don't know the other girls name) in some of the best 80's outfits I've seen, Check out the poof and froof bangs. Amos as the Hulk, Matt and Bob in a romantic, academy-worthy embrace. Barb and I (she's a bike accident/helmet awareness....dang SLC bikers!). Jessilyn and me:you can't really see but I have some sick lips drawn on my neck. Me and Kyle-that nasty mustard coat is his responsibity.

MY h-ween digs...and some of the homies

Brian and Casey. Two of my absolute favorite costumes
The crayola girls are Sumer, Sarah, Jo, and Brittney. Me and Matt are the two Bad A-s, I was supposed to be a pirate...but things didn't work out. Me and tan=admittedly it wasn't for Halloween but we look scary enough I'd say.

November 2, 2008

For the Fam

(sorry, can't get the pic to rotate, oh well)

Here ya go fam damily. Since I know you'd much rather see Noah than me and my life, I hereby post him with his Halloween outfit...which conveniently are also his pajamas. OH, and the underwear are for you Kyle, since the honeymoon will be coming up, just something to think about.

Money...or lack thereof

It has officially been two months of me working at East High and I am yet to recieve any sort of benefit (minus the glow of the children's faces) for my labors. I haven't had a dollar in my wallet since Nixon was in office and I must say....I miss it. So, Lee paid me for the gas on our way up from H-town and it's the most amount of money I've had in the ol pursay in a long time. I don't even know what I'll spend it on! So many decisions. Bill Gates must struggle with this dillemma daily.

October 27, 2008

Barefoot Contessa?

So.. I decided to bust out the ol apron on sunday and try my hand at the infamous Boston Creme Pie. So, as routine I call up dear Lirpa (april) and ask her for step-by-step Rachelle-worthy instructions. Well, as it turns out a little confusion occurred on the matter of how much flower to add. On the left we have the first -attempt = 1/4 C flour. On the right we have the second attempt with 2 and 1/4 C flour. yep, I yet again shock myself with my cooking abilities.

The Fam Dam

The crazy Fam dam (just the estrogen and pops) came up for the annual 'witches night out' trip. although we completely vetoed the usual witch costume and dancing party it was good times. Here's all the kids in their bones pajamas that grandma linie got them. These three hellians had great times togeth and I am officially more than stoked to be the FOREVER auntie. God bless mommies, I respect ya but I sure as heck ain't joinin ya.

October 7, 2008

9 to 5-er

I am hereby employed. ok, so 9-5 is a little bit of an exaggeration. I work from 1:45 to 4:00 every day except Tuesday at East High School as a Gear Up tutor. I actually love it. The kids are great and I'm shocked at how many of them come after school to get their homework done. lets be honest....I wouldn't have. I'm pretty close with a lot of the kids at this point, and although I'm not much help with their work at times, I put on a great, college-student, intellectual show.... Minus the fact that everyone thinks I'm a student, but hey, don't worry, I totally have a couple dates to the dance if I wanna go.

Study time!

So, til I hit this semester the term "study" had never entered my vast vocabulary. Well, now it is the foundation of my days. I study all the flippin time and may I just say that I think I had it going on when I didn't participate in the practice at all. also, I want to show evidence that I do study to all of those that know me well. I am trying to smile and studying just won't let it happen. I also had to include the banana one, BITE ME all you who have issues with my non-traditional-banana-eating ways! :)

Me and the German

This is my German buddy Manuel. He hadn't ever been to a fair, so he snookered me into going with him. This was the Utah State Fair, the supposed 'Godfather' of all fairs. But, after approximately ten minutes inside you realize that all fairs are exactly the same, just the quantity of rednecks is different. Anyways, he wanted to bask in the entire experience. So, we went on a couple rides, he tried the bull (layne from 8 seconds would have been appalled), and even saw some tigers....not like tigers are at the Washington county fair. He also got his first taste of the all american Stock Show. He was left speechless

September 9, 2008

How Cute is my little fairy girl? I did this one just for Adam

Yep, we are trying to be now see why it rarely happens.

This is the first U football game at home. It was pretty NUTS! never seen so much red in my life. We were in the MUSS section so it was pretty loud. This is Noah all Red-ed out for the big game. He is such a pimp its insane. Me, Lenny boy, and John Smith in the corner. Yes, John is in a speed skating outfit. Someday my wardrobe will compare....someday