February 14, 2008

The Landlords

OH sure, they look sweet and innocent here, but the moment you move in with them they make Ms. Hannigan from Anne look like a saint. They make you sleep next to a gas line, rub your nose in their kid's dirty diapers, and bathe in the snow. It's beginning to be 'iffy' if the free rent is worth it or not.

Dykey Boy!

My home-dawg Dykey boy, aka mike/captain curtel/dykal/weinershnits. Yes ladies...he's available and no i do not know if we can duplicate those faces.


Me and Tanny Poo...Another one of the freak girls to whom I owe all of my good and often times humiliating times. If my hair ever looks good it was her who did it. She loves it when i try to rat my own hair (I'm a prodigy in the making).

pimp daddy

this is the little flirtatious Noah,

He is currently the man in my life and he

is so needy and gets super jealous when i talk to other

guys. He also loves the Utes and tries to swoon

all of the college ladies with his 'innocent' smiles.

My freak friend

This is me and the little freak Erica. We are basically as cute as they come and I'm not gonna lie, keeping us single is going to be a challenge.....HA!