February 14, 2008


Me and Tanny Poo...Another one of the freak girls to whom I owe all of my good and often times humiliating times. If my hair ever looks good it was her who did it. She loves it when i try to rat my own hair (I'm a prodigy in the making).


Brandi said...

oh my goodness rachelle! this is your long lost (and favorite) cousin Brandi! I found your blog through Summer and Adams, who i found on Rachels! Wow, i dont have anything better to do! K, well i love you and just wanted to say hi! And i LOVE your pictures!

Montana Jolley said...

Wow! you guys are So big! I look at your picture like every day and think, those are two huge gals. well todds totally interested. Remember who you are. "I've never been happier!"

bethany said...

Wowzers. You two have certainly gotten pretty ugly since then. Keep trying, though.