September 9, 2008

How Cute is my little fairy girl? I did this one just for Adam

Yep, we are trying to be now see why it rarely happens.

This is the first U football game at home. It was pretty NUTS! never seen so much red in my life. We were in the MUSS section so it was pretty loud. This is Noah all Red-ed out for the big game. He is such a pimp its insane. Me, Lenny boy, and John Smith in the corner. Yes, John is in a speed skating outfit. Someday my wardrobe will compare....someday

Leonard and Barbara. They did the slip n' slide together and Barb, yes Barb not me, was injured. She broke her hand. God bless the little chica.

This is Alex, aka snydes. He is a So. Utahn like myself and he is one crazy nig

This is the craziest slip n' slide ever to grace the presence of man. you can't really tell how huge it is from this picture but it goes all the way to the road. They used these billboard sized tarps, don't ask who just has those lyin around. It was fun and I was pretty sure my life would be ended at this ward function.

attempting a fish face...somewhat unsuccessfully

Tis True, I am alive

Yep, I know it's been ninety two years since I last updated this little thang called a blog. Mostly it was out of defiance and pure laziness. I was hoping the thing would just disappear. But, that was to no avail. So, here I am updating all of you (here I go, acting as if the entire populace cares about my daily activities) on my life.

This would be me and the little punk. He said 'cheese,' so I figured we better take it to heart