November 26, 2008

Victory and Creativity!

Well, as I'm sure most of you saw, my home-dogs on the football team gave a good ol walloping (sp?) to the team down south. It was a crazy ars game and believe you me, i was a bit intimidated by the spectacle. No fear however, it only took moments for me to be immersed into the age old rivalry. I have never seen that many people cheering for one team, it was enough to make a lesser individual (obviously not me;) ) emotional....jk. Admittedly our defense gave me a bit of a scare a couple of times and Brian Johnson nearly gave me a premature death, but all in all they played like champs. MOUNTAIN WEST CONFERENCE CHAMPS! But it was a really fun game and I must admit that one of my favorite parts was not the game, it was the posters. Sure, a couple of them could be called inappropriate, but lets not let that take away from the vast amount of humor that was found in the posters people made for the game. here are a few of my favorite
"You may have God, but we have KING LOUIS!" (a bit sac-relig, i know)

"The last cougar I gave respect to was your mom...or was that just a cougar??"

"10 - 2, not bad BYU"

"FACT: Bronco voted against proposition 8.....that's all I'm sayin."