December 20, 2008

Don't Judge A Rock By Its...Height?

SO!! I'm sure about everybody has done the whole indoor-rock climbing thing. I hadn't til this point in my long, wisdom-filled life and I must say....I am still unbelievably sore. I have a friend, Bryce, that works at Rockreation in SLC and he invited me and the dufus, aka EEreeca, to go and experience this little indoor treat. Ironically I have been wanting to go rock climbing FOREVER and haven't had the equipment or the proper use-and-abuse friends that I could benefit from. Anywho, we went and it was tons of fun. Apparently you're supposed to use your legs, not your arms to get from one point to the next. I missed that memo and I used only upper body, I don't have any upper body muscle to speak of, so that will help in explaining my inability to pick up a fork.


Summer Wilson said...

I feel bad when I don't see you have any friends....I mean comments. I bet you can't wait to see us.

Unknown said...

someone gave me your blog address and suggested you be added to the HHS alumni blog. If that's OK comment back cuz we'd love to have ya :) thanks
Stephanie Lindhardt