December 20, 2008

ISOP - International School Of People

These are just a few of the kids that I tutor on a daily basis. I love my job....If you can even call it that. I go to East High, which is two blocks away (and yet I still find an excuse to drive sometimes) and I chill with kids from across the globe for two hours. At times I find it in my heart to actually help them with their studies, but for the most part a lot of them just come in and enjoy having someone to talk to. I think they are beautiful kids, and most of them speak more than two languages. Yeah, thanks HHS, I barely know one;). I'm a little embarrassed at my lame skin and pretty easy childhood. Most of them were brought here by the UN because of wars in their countries. I feel so inadequate when I hear their stories, I'm usually like, "Well, back in 'nam' I had a lot of struggles....'

I don't really know how to control the lay out of these pictures and their subheadings, so I'll just let you play the matching game:

In these we have: Anna (ah-nu), she is Arabian and hilarious,

Medona - she is from India and so sweet, Myself - cute as a button, and Deepika - she is from Napal and gorgeous

Veronica and Camilla Fuenzillida - (these are two of my Faves) they are twins from Chile and they are some of mine and Lee's best pals at East. This is them takin on our tradition of the "game face"

Leslie - Leslie is from El Salvador and Naima - She is from Africa, I forget which specific country. but Naima is way funny.

Tenzin and Victoria aren't here but I help those girls quite frequently. Tenzin is from Tibet and I highly recommend that the sisters, on their next adopting excursions, adopt a little girl from Tibet, they're beautiful. Victoria, Naima, and Josephine are all from Africa and lived insane lives before moving to the US. Civil Wars, tons of dead family members, they've witnessed a lot of hard things. I really admire these kids and how fun they are despite their crazy pasts. I totally don't deserve to be paid for this cush job


Anonymous said...

OMGOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am touched i can not believe you actually put a picture of us on your blog.. i just might start crying.... i feel a tear comin on :D this definitely deserves a post all on shelly.