January 8, 2009

H-town and ....snow?

tis true, I came home from my laborious semester of studying to find my red-rocked southern utah covered in the white stuff. Was I pleased you ask? After all, who doesn't dream of a white Christmas? The answer is no. I was a bit less than enthusiastic. I take pride and often brag to the native notherners concerning my sunny south. I love the fact that yes, I can go play in the snow if I want, it's a mere 45 minutes away. However, on the flip side if I want to go fourwheeling in a t-shirt on December 24 I can also do that. Nonetheless, me and my biotches had a grand ol time playing in it. I was so proud of Montana. She's getting gutsier all the time. She went down the biggest hill at coral pinks. Was there some colorful language to accompany? Naturally. But the fact that she is, as nike would say, just doing it is all that matters. The ones with us getting smeared in the snow is a little treat from ol Matt. We tried to snow ball him and figured if we made a quick get-away down a hill he wouldn't get us. WRONG. As we rolled off our sled we found our heads being shoved in icy snow. Every orifice on our face was filled with snow. As if we weren't attractive enough to start with. And yep, that's brucey dog, he literally sledded. It was as good as you're imagining. Sad when the best pic of the day is of Sage (the dog), check out that whistful action shot...kudos mommy.

Yep, the best pic of the day is captured by the dog, as if any of you are surprised.

The only possible way of getting us up to the Big Daddy, Bless my redneck bro-in-law's hearts

Me, Spenc, and Rog
Dad of the Year...? I should say!

Never too many pictures of us cuties

Little Meg, easily the weirdest little girl I've yet to meet, she no joke can shake her booty like Shakira

Cute little engaged couple.

Tan going down the biggest hill at Coral Pinks, Yep, ofcourse we publish proof

YEP! this is ol Spunky Brucester post sled. Very James Bond like, I think

They look so sweet here don't they? Ha!

This is one of our first excursions down the hill, so innocent we were

Matt shoving our unsuspecting grills in the snow

Cute boys after getting grills shoved in the snow

Us attempting to make sure no one is left out, I'm betting you can guess how well it worked


Brandi said...

You freakin crack me up...i just love you! Glad you got to see me while you were here!

Summer Wilson said...

Only one friend?!?! How sad. Now you have 2.