January 25, 2009

Puerto Rican Paradise and Southern Cookin, Momma Dean Style

Me and Mathew Marie decided that a themed cooking night was inevitably in our future. 'Don't Fight it!' So, the first of our excursions, well, mostly just Matts, was a Puerto Rican night. Summer has already delved into that a smidge, so I won't reiterate her blogging. This past weeks was Southern Style. We based all of our recipes off of the pioneer of Southern Cooking herself Momma Dean. Matt has the hotts for her, who wouldn't, that cute little southern bell. I guess it was our way of trying to be as close as we can to her. We made fried chicken, 'taters,' (a delish recipe by the way, both of them. The fried chicken and the bacon mashed potatoes may be found on momma deans website). We also made corn bread and ofcourse, in redneck fashion, some cool aid. The outfits, if you are feeling a little covetous, were found at the local Deseret Industries. Yes, I am wearing some state of the art maternity shorts. (april if you're interested let me know). I know you're all going to be shocked, but the meal was delicious. Next week is 'embrace your inner Navajo' week. I'll be sure to keep you updated.


Ty * April said...

I'm speechless! I just don't know how to comment on your attire. Although I am in need of some clothing that fits properly I will have to pass on some very fashionable shorts. Sorry! Glad to see you putting some cooking skills to work.