February 8, 2009

Embrace Your Inner Navajo

Embracing one's inner Navajo is a beautiful and intricate process. It involves finding the authentic wardrobe (thank goodness D.I. has a couple of squaws passing on their priceless tunics every now and again), cooking the authentic meal (which turned out phenomonal, by the way), and letting the music of the land fill your home and your soul (Navajo Flute Jams, provided by lala.com). Anyways, this week's cultural awareness night was nothing but good times. And, you know, after making these Nav Tacs, I am boggled, literally boggled at how at Peach Days and the Washington County Fair itself cannot muster up one decent Navajo Taco stand? I hereby know how I'm going to raise all my cold hard cash for school. Yep, Peach Days here I come, and don't worry, I'll bring down the attire as well, to complete the mood. If anyone is interested in becoming a partner in this business adventure, you just let me know.

Jeremiah Johnson epiphany

Me and the Ol Leonard went on up to the snowy north to hang with our homies in Logan. On this epic adventure I had the opportunity to embark on my first snowshoeing experience. I hereby have found at least one activity that I enjoy in the snow! This is cause for major celebration. It was beautiful, fun, and easy, because if you go anywhere with Justin Stout he's going to make sure you're taken care of. In this scenery, for some reason unbeknownst to me, I kept thinking of Jeremiah Johnson....? Perhaps I felt spiritually connected to him amongst those tall pines, the snow, my propane powered hot chocolate maker...:)