March 30, 2009

Can you paint with all the colors of the wind?

TIE DYE and Slumber Parites, a mix that can never go wrong!!!!

Yes! I have been dying to do this for ages now and I'm pretty sure I have a new glow about my presence and it is all due to my accomplishment of the infamous tie dye. Myself and the corner house gals; Summer, aka 'fin,' Brit, aka 'asain,' and Sara, aka 'poncho.' I do indeed love these gals. They are funny little buggers and quite odd, hence we get along marvelously. Fin and myself had this slumber party planned for months now, and due to disloyalty to the cause and utter procrastination it has taken us til now to finally pull through. Truth be told, none of us had ever really done this before. Besides my occasional dabbling in Jackson Pollock like drippings, my art history leaves somewhat to be desired. So, we made up our own instructions and decided we were as smart as any ol Michaels supplier. The highlight was most definitely the making of 'the traveling shirt,' as you will see. But, the rest of the party consisted of sing-a-longs performed by Leonard, aka leah, infamous Office episodes ("Heyyyyyy Oscar meyer weener.....lover!"-Michael Scott), binging on questionably dated junk food, and talking to the wee hours of the morn. In the morning we woke up to unveil our artistic genius from the night before. Like Michaelangelo unveiling the sistine chapel we pulled out our shirts and let them bask in the sun like an array of sun-kissed rainbows! Lets be honest, my shirt turned out the best, its just a fact.

Step 1: The Process

I was really happy to see Lenny, she had no intentions of being social and the ol boy pulled through!

Step 2: The Unveiling (and a pic of why we call Brit 'Asian)

First pic is of the 'traveling shirt.' We all contributed, too bad you cant see ponchos elephant on the back, but we all have to wear to atleast on church meeting and then pass it along.

This second little beaut is mine, she's gorgeous and I just wish I had another prom to go to!


Ty * April said...

Wow! What is the likely hood of being on here at the same time. Spooky!

Why, Oh why, does this not surprise me. It does look fun. May be we could do it this summer. May be a family picture of my 2 girls, 1 boy and us with tie died shirts is just what my mantel is calling for.

Juje said...

Funny. We just tie dyed too. Good times to be had all around. We were crazy when we moved away from sunny H. But 'alas, I'm staying in Logan for the summer. I'm going to miss skimboarding SO bad. But I will for sure be down to visit, and I plan on skimming every single day. You in?

Melissa Scott said...


Heidi said...

What a fun project! I have to admit yours is the best! :)

Unknown said...

Looks like it was a frickin blast!!!! p.s. can i just say that the name of your post is by far, most definitely, without any question, my most favorIte Disney song on the planet. Rock On.