April 5, 2009

Futbol and Best Friends

I happen to know that I am one of the luckiest gals on the planet earth. Why you ask? Your looks Rachelle? No, close, but no. Your remarkable wit and intellect Rachelle? No, again, close, but not it. I shall tell you, it is because for about 8 years now I have been blessed with the best friends in the entire world. How many girls do you know who had good, trustworthy, non-boy-crazy, CONFIDENT girlfriends in high school? Yeah, the number is always slim when I try and think of it. But I have these boys and I love them so much it makes me ache in my innards. And we're STILL friends! I have 3 possible conclusions pertaining to this: either A-we truly are best friends and love eachother most, B- really suck at making new friends, or C- Can't find any other persons to understand or deal with our absurdness....I'm still debating between the options. Anyway, Tan, Eric, Sid/squid/skids and Althea all came up for the weekend and played with me and leonard. Sorry there aren't any pics of lee...the little oaf never gets in em. Tan was dying to emulate my tie dye experience, so I had another weekend of tie dyes (in the snow I might add) and they turned out marvelous. I love those fat boys!!!

tans a perv, we all already knew it

Check out EEyricas HUGS eyeballs and lashes, crazy balls eh


So, this is my indoor soccer team, cleverly called the B squad. We play every week in Woodscross at this indoor facility that is pretty decked out. It is mucho good times and I love it because it's my best work-out for the entire week. I wish I had a picture of the bruise I got this past week. I literally have a bruise that takes up my entire calf and has lines of a soccer ball. Reminds me of the good ol days in high school when you couldn't tell if I was wearing blue jeans or not because of my battered/beaten body....ah, how I miss them.


Michelle said...

Hey Rachelle the cutest part time neighbor I have...:) Can I get your address where you are living right now I want to send you a little something but I don't have it so could you PLEASE let me have it? Oh ya, it's Michelle Monk :) And yes I stalk your blog!

Kaspar said...

I live right by where you are playing indoor soccer. You should stop by sometime, eh?

Ty * April said...

Yeah! The real Shell is coming home for the weekend.

And about your friends, we need to talk. You sure pick some weird ones. Just kidding. We like them too. (okay, most of them) :)

bethany said...

You sure picked some fat boy friends. And to think it all started when you randomly asked Litzie to be your locker buddy. "On what fragile strings to life and fortune hang" Dumas. The count. I feel so cool to pull that out of my ____

Josh & Ashli said...

hey rash! :) i was wondering about you the other day. what you were up to and stuff :) ya i'm getting married and i can't believe it totally either :) but josh is amazing and he treats me like an angel! :)
well if you are in town the weekend of may 8th you should come to the wedding :)