April 24, 2009

A Society Of Relief

Relief Society Retreat:

So, my old bishop, Bishop Whitman, is an amazing man. I have been so lucky since I have moved up here to move into a very tight nit ward with nothing but awe-inspiring bishops. Bishop Whitman has a cabin up in Park City and its grandiose nature is worthy of a little drool. It is amazing. He kindly let us use it again this year for our annual Relief Society retreat and yet again it was another huge success. We always have phenomenal speakers and this year was an older woman...(can't remember her name, but lets just remember that she rocked my literal and figurative world). She talked about being proactive and I loved every second of it. We partied all night, ate WAY too much but nonetheless delish food and I'm pretty sure I freaked all my other sister christians out several times. All in all, a great trip.

Shannon and Caroline , nothing but happy to be in the gospel

Fin and Me, getting saucy and wistful

AMAZING ladies. left:speaker, sister Whitman, sister Rhyser, and Sister Hanson

Me and the big Whit-man, He is amazing and the fact that all of his sons are married is just another verification that the only way of me succeeding in this life is to quit school and become his cook. That's the only way for me to be in this family and by cracky I'll do it! Oh, and this man does the Iron Man each year....yeah, your self-esteem is shot? Mine too.


bethany said...

I'm so glad that you had the time of your life with these nice old folks. Don't you just love the church? Seriously, though.

kolobflyfishing said...

hmmm you and all those women sounds like it could be... wait, i think it is a... oh heck, looks like a good time.

Ty * April said...

It looks like it was a lot of fun. I am glad that you are enjoying yourself while you are at school. You should enjoy this time of your life like you are. It goes by all too quick.
I'll get you easter pictures, tell me the easiest way to send them. If not they will get e-mailed 3 at a time.