June 15, 2009

Welcome Home Native Southern Utahn!

(but still the most amazing place on earth!)

Soooooo, I'm fully aware of my neglect to relay the multiple interesting incidences that make up my existence AND I'm fully aware of how hard this has been on the general populace. Please accept my sincerest APOLOGIES. These days I'm back in the SO Ute and living the dream; fourwheeling, skimming, TONS of working, poly wog hunting (wish I had pics). Plus 2, that's right 2 new babies in the fam. I work in Springdale at the infamous Toaquim's Village. T'is a gift shop fully of entirely desirable, entirely 'authentic' American Indian merchandise. I play dress up daily and my rain dances are apparently WAY better than last year, because we have had a plethora of pretty impressive storms already. Allow me to let the pictures do the talking, apparently they say a 1000 words each, according to the legend/saying.

Recently took a road trip up to my northern peeps, love those weirdies

This is from Brittany Phillips bridal shower. We had to make a dress with toilet paper and 5 peices of tape. Zip joke this thing combats vera wang and the model sells that shiz!

Just some of our SWEET merch.

Yes, it's a raccoon hat.

My friend Diana came down from Salt Lake to visit for a few days. She's a virgin So. Utahner and we baptized her real quick. If you'll notice Kenny didn't really ease her into it. We went fourwheeling, skimming, tie-dying, etc. I think she's converted.