July 29, 2009


Recently I accomplished a huge feat in the life of me. I went off a ramp whilst skimming. I will not show a picture of the ramp; A- because I don't have one and B- because it will take away from my coolness because of the less than grandiose size of so said ramp. But, lets not be debby downers. It was a big moment and I am still glowing and bragging to anyone who will listen or thinks skimming is hard, hence another shot up to the self esteem. That one that Kyle is going off is one that I dream of one day having the gonads to attempt. A gal can dream...big.

July 23, 2009

midnight ramblings

I title this blog with the full and unabashed knowledge that no one will likely want to read on. I did not want to give it a decievingly enticing title and when the contents became known have you feeling dejected and let down. It is late. I have been in my room, ill for the past 72 years, or 5 days, whatever it has been. I would just like to publically thank Melissa, aka 'M' for her box set of Gossip Girl, it has SWARMED my mind full of so much drama in the lives of beautifully rich and richly beautiful people that even if I did have problems before I started watching I scarcely remember them now. And it has helped the time go by and kept me from yet another hospital visit, this time from attempted suicide from being inside my own room for too long.

Back to my main reason for blogging, ignoring that there isn't really a distinct reason or any cool pics. I happen to love music. I know, really 'original.' Who hates music? I mean who, when confronted with a musical decision throws their hands up to the heavens and declares they hate melodic adventures, of all sorts? No one. But, I have recently discovered some quality tunes as of late and have delved further into some past loves. Let me share:

The weepies. They are amazing. Please trust

'Corona and Lime' by Shwayze
'Come on Eileen' by Dexy's Midnight Runners
'Fur' by Blitzentrapper. Youtube this one, stellar vid
'Crazy Love' and 'Bring me Along' by Pepper.
'turpentine' by Brandy Carlisle
'Why Do I' by Joe Purdy
-If you're in a music funk, allow these tunes to re-edify your faith and trust in the musical world

July 5, 2009


4th Of July

I do LOVE the 4th. It's Summer time and the family is forced to endure eachother's and the fireworks obnoxiousness.....beautiful. Firstly is the H-town classic firework show. Meg wasn't quite sure what to think and Maddie played with 'Rose-Uni-Princess' the whole time, (that's the name of her unicorn). Then is the annual Ashcroft firework show, indeed a favorite in my reminiscent heart. Sure, the fireworks may not be Disneyland worthy, but the food, meg's spastic dancing, and watching those boys almost suicides while trying to light them is always priceless. Gotta love family time, I have a crazy one but wouldn't trade any of them....for any less than a 5 zero-ed sum:).

Me and the Bub
Notice how much I have to bend to be at her cute, midget level

Promise they are better than that, my flash was just on

Travis and Kyle = queers in a free country

We all look better when we're doing game faces. Sad, but true

Mine and Althea's engagement pose

Meg, cute little rascal


Myself, Kyle, Althea, Roger Leavitt, Michon, Collin and Brent (michon's younger brother) all hiked Orderville July 3. T'was a phenomenal hike and I must say I'm happy I did it A-because I have worked in Springdale all Summer, telling tourist after tourists the ins and outs of the park; ie the water temp, how busy certain hikes are, the quality of the trails, without having actually stepped a solitary foot in the park since the beginning of last Summer. deceitful? I say nay, perhaps overly confident and a smidge less informed than I may percieve to be. B-because it was very just the right mixture: good length, water, but not too much water, not another soul on the trail (minus some BYU-ians who seemed a bit pompous I might add, prejudice aside), and nothing but Office quotes occurring the entire time = LOVELY.

One of my fave pics, we all had to do this cute little scoot down the conveniently placed log. Cute picture, nearly worth the splinters in the buttocks and crotchal regions.

Post hike. Can you tell we didn't get to bed on time the night before?