July 5, 2009


Myself, Kyle, Althea, Roger Leavitt, Michon, Collin and Brent (michon's younger brother) all hiked Orderville July 3. T'was a phenomenal hike and I must say I'm happy I did it A-because I have worked in Springdale all Summer, telling tourist after tourists the ins and outs of the park; ie the water temp, how busy certain hikes are, the quality of the trails, without having actually stepped a solitary foot in the park since the beginning of last Summer. deceitful? I say nay, perhaps overly confident and a smidge less informed than I may percieve to be. B-because it was very just the right mixture: good length, water, but not too much water, not another soul on the trail (minus some BYU-ians who seemed a bit pompous I might add, prejudice aside), and nothing but Office quotes occurring the entire time = LOVELY.

One of my fave pics, we all had to do this cute little scoot down the conveniently placed log. Cute picture, nearly worth the splinters in the buttocks and crotchal regions.

Post hike. Can you tell we didn't get to bed on time the night before?


-Kyle and Emily- said...

Aren't we the cutest fatboys you have ever seen!