July 5, 2009


4th Of July

I do LOVE the 4th. It's Summer time and the family is forced to endure eachother's and the fireworks obnoxiousness.....beautiful. Firstly is the H-town classic firework show. Meg wasn't quite sure what to think and Maddie played with 'Rose-Uni-Princess' the whole time, (that's the name of her unicorn). Then is the annual Ashcroft firework show, indeed a favorite in my reminiscent heart. Sure, the fireworks may not be Disneyland worthy, but the food, meg's spastic dancing, and watching those boys almost suicides while trying to light them is always priceless. Gotta love family time, I have a crazy one but wouldn't trade any of them....for any less than a 5 zero-ed sum:).

Me and the Bub
Notice how much I have to bend to be at her cute, midget level

Promise they are better than that, my flash was just on

Travis and Kyle = queers in a free country

We all look better when we're doing game faces. Sad, but true

Mine and Althea's engagement pose

Meg, cute little rascal