July 29, 2009


Recently I accomplished a huge feat in the life of me. I went off a ramp whilst skimming. I will not show a picture of the ramp; A- because I don't have one and B- because it will take away from my coolness because of the less than grandiose size of so said ramp. But, lets not be debby downers. It was a big moment and I am still glowing and bragging to anyone who will listen or thinks skimming is hard, hence another shot up to the self esteem. That one that Kyle is going off is one that I dream of one day having the gonads to attempt. A gal can dream...big.


Summer Wilson said...

Rachelle Ballard are you wearing a bikini? Glad you really accomplished a lot of life long goals while in H-town.

Juje said...

Good times are inevitable to ensue at the gnome home. Ps I'm in Hurricane right NOW for a week or so. So.... let the skimming begin.