September 12, 2009

Some Other Happenings - That have nothing to do with school

Thus more I am alive and well in the BAMF citay of SLC. Here's just some thangs I've been up to.
Utah Utes football game opener against the Aggies = no brainer victory (no offense to my L-town peeps).
Poncho and I have been into candy bar posters lately. We are still in complete bafflement as to why they are not around like they used to be. They are a classic and should be shared with all those whom you love. After all, it's a card AND a treat.
Shooting the Tube: This is a my fave new adventure. There's this huge pipe by parleys canyon where a couple of Einsteins decided to build a sort of retractable dam. Thus, after the water fills up, people pile into this HUGE tube and release the dam, shooting you out into a pool of water (and a couple rocks, but no worries). It's the best thing since my beloved Wet n' Wild shut down. It shoots you out crazy fast, so be prepared, I also recommend you bring a pan to sit on, works wonders.

Me and Brian at U game

To some of the boys who helped us move in

Barb = that exotic devil

Jo and I before shooting the tube....

Random. But I just love it and it hangs in our home proudly

coming out of the tube

Me, Poncho, and Jo. Look at poncho's sad little arm. She's just so small and helpless;)

Emily, Mallory, Miko and Haylee post shooting

Seriously, how cute

The infamous tube

Jeb, Jo, Myself, and Miko after shooting tube

That dog shot the tube. CRAZY NUTS

Some of the boys

The roomies and myself (and britt) took some photos one evening and they were all themed. This one is you just saw a smurf, and he looks interested.


Nat said...

A) thanks for posting again, your faithful followers deserve it. 2)your house looks sweet-A. and D) I want to "shoot the tube." bad.

Jessica said...

I CANNOT believe you have a blog that I didn't know about. I'm soooo mad right now.

Anonymous said...

I'VE SEEN THAT "watch out for gangastas" THING!!! i took a picture of it haha but this was by the stadium on the sidewalk during mines and camilas weekly adventure of going home :)