October 18, 2009

Fall Break and Ballard Gal Good Times

*The colors on my blog make me queezy. It's SO sad and hard.
There has been a lot of debate in my little cabeza about this blog lately. Ok, the term 'a lot' is a bit of an exaggeration and I'm being a bit dramatic=sue me. But the debate consists of two sides: A - write more, delving into quirky, yet true memoirs, or B-keep doing as I'm doing and attempt to build my resume for Pebbles In My Pocket by using pics and short explanations of distinct happenings. I mean, cause you get both in this here blogging world, and I admit, I feel the pull from both sides. Admitedly I like seeing others pics, but on the other hand, I also enjoy those who write more and delve into their 'inner chi' so to speak. Uh Ho, maybe shell shouldn't blog when going on lack of sleep, eh? With this gut-wrenching truth said, I'll just go with option B and tell you a bit about the chosen photos and t'why they are important in my small, yet optimistic existence.
So, I got off school for a week for fall break. Yep folks, I said a week. Gotta love the U and it's blatant desire to blow off the student's education. Thus I traveled down to the land of my inheritence and played with all the crazies. All my home boys are getting back from their missions, so it's fun to play with everyone again. Have they changed you ask? Weird? Awkward? Socially funked? Nope, not a mince of a change. Poncho came and played one night, and I think you can tell by the look on her face that she is a leetle bit questionable concerning the people and activities of H-town.

Callin, Isaiah, and Tyson Gubler in a lot of hard-to-explain attire

The sisters came up for our annual girls trip. We're missing the newest Ballard gal, Emily Althea. We missed ya em. We usually go to witch's night out at gardner village, but the crowds were cramping our style. So we opted for a Park City fiesta. Did not let us down. We downed Melissa's fantazmagorical (real word, serious biz) nachos and got pedicures. The sweet little viatnamese women found it necessary to keep telling us how bad we needed to get these every month. Yes, ok, we have hoofs. Our feet, thanks to our gene pool, are dry, peeling things. Not very appealing. Their english was hardly understandable until they started telling us how bad our feet looked, then all of a sudden they spoke with a refined english tongue. cute


rick.and.kels said...

i LOVE your hat :) this is kelsey [gubler] by the way just randomly found your blog, thought i would comment.

Heidi said...

What fun you girls have. You all crack me up. :)