December 17, 2009

Bring on the Books!!!

Friends, Family, Loved Ones, Neighbors, Fellow Mormons, Fellow Americans, Comrades in Collegiate/Non-Collegiate Circles, Partners in/or just finishing final-ridden hell, and all others that find themselves directly or abstractly related to myself.....I'm done! Another semester and week of nazi-induced finals are done, finito, reached their inevitable conclusion, R.I.P.'d in the cemetery of my cerebrum, etc. Did I pass, you ask? Please do not ask trivial, complicated questions in the height of my celebratory blog please. Who cares about grades right now, all that matters is I'm done...and I survived. I might look a bit worse for the wear, but supposedly I'm 'smarter' now.

Things I look forward to doing with 3 weeks of study free living:
Read all the books my little eyes can consume, and then if they give out I will take up brail.
Watch vast amounts of movies, undoubtedly none of them being educational.
Play with new bird (name still pending)
Enjoy a land free of snow. God bless you Hurricane.
Eat mommy's cooking till my gizzards writhe and evetually give out.
Those are just a few, my agenda is pretty full.

Here are some random pics of the recent month:

This was at a live nativity near Matt's house. It was amazing! They made this entire river bank/park into a walk through Bethlehem. Best part was no-brainer the free hot chocolate and homemade rolls. Yes, that is me petting a camel. I had to get physical with quite a few tiny tots to get some one on one time with the hairy devil. FYI: camels are crazy soft.

That is Lee sleeping on my bed. Find anything strange about this image? She sleeps in the weirdest ways.

*I would also like to give a shout out to my dearest friend Eric James (Erica Jane), who won the 'ugliest' award at a recent party. Congrats you cute little boy, you never let us down.

December 9, 2009

Pilgrims and Voldemort

Yep, that's veronica just casually holding a pistol, such a scarface pose.

The only person who ever consistently hits anything

Look how happy we are before the run, so naive.


Could there be a better holiday? This, in every way, is a rhetorical question, because it is an obvious 'NAY! There could not!' The entire tradition is based around food. I don't know any of those Indian-befriending pilgrims personally, but I do indeed appreciate what they have done for the quality of living in my November days. It's just all in all my favorite holiday. Fun Fact About Rachelle #7,892. This vacation based trip down to So. Ute was another success. I know, my new obsession with firearms has got to be controlled, and quick. First came the always feared, always regretted, but always participated-in Turkey Trot. Seriously never fails to be the hardest run of the year. Sorry you puked your innards out Em, you're still a lady in my eyes. The fam dam then did the annual skeet shooting out past my favorite pliggys, ate pie whilst shooting, and then proceeded to the home front, where linnie lou lived up to her infamous title as best chef in North America (refer to recent Parks & Rec episode). My favorite, and fairly new tradition added to the Ballard & Co Thanksgiving Table is that of the hate-fest. Last year me and a couple of my DNA-binding comrades, aka siblings/cousins, decided instead of doing the traditional every-person-says-what-they're-thankful-for-before-devouring-mouth-watering-delicatessens, we should all say one thing we REALLY hate while we are eating. It is now a smash hit and I usually laugh an adequate amount for at least one side serving to come out of my nose. Kudos family, kudos. Later that weekend we went paintballing. My very first paintballing experience. Memorable. Painful. Colorful? I actually thoroughly enjoyed the paintballing practice, until I actually got hit in the last game. I'm not going to condemn myself and say that I was a clean-mouthed saint upon being struck...for I was not. Even Linnie lou joined in, she being the reason I was hit 3 times. Thanks mother, your protective instincts for your young cannot be rivaled.

Little G-ma thelma was a trooper, a hypothermic trooper

Cute little Andy Pandy fell into the river between games. Hence the nudity. Bless his heart. Don't worry, we made sure he didn't surrender in vain.

Lastly and Highly most importantly comes the topic of the newest member of my fave five. that adorable little bird is soon to be in my life, apart of me, the Watson to my Holmes. I believe him coming into my life is a very symbolic testament that the heavens are happy with my current life choices. Don't ask how I got that interpretation, it's all very metaphorical. But, here is the dilemma. Bird needs a name. I am all set to embark on our feathered journey together, it must have a name worthy of the adventures we are likely to pursue. So, I'm open to suggestions. The top picks as of now are: Suki (gilmore girls fans will appreciate), Voldemort, and Professor. Please add any others you see fit. We don't know the gender of these birds unless we do a DNA test, I figure this to be a benefit seeing as you may pick any feminine or testosterone filled name you choose.