December 17, 2009

Bring on the Books!!!

Friends, Family, Loved Ones, Neighbors, Fellow Mormons, Fellow Americans, Comrades in Collegiate/Non-Collegiate Circles, Partners in/or just finishing final-ridden hell, and all others that find themselves directly or abstractly related to myself.....I'm done! Another semester and week of nazi-induced finals are done, finito, reached their inevitable conclusion, R.I.P.'d in the cemetery of my cerebrum, etc. Did I pass, you ask? Please do not ask trivial, complicated questions in the height of my celebratory blog please. Who cares about grades right now, all that matters is I'm done...and I survived. I might look a bit worse for the wear, but supposedly I'm 'smarter' now.

Things I look forward to doing with 3 weeks of study free living:
Read all the books my little eyes can consume, and then if they give out I will take up brail.
Watch vast amounts of movies, undoubtedly none of them being educational.
Play with new bird (name still pending)
Enjoy a land free of snow. God bless you Hurricane.
Eat mommy's cooking till my gizzards writhe and evetually give out.
Those are just a few, my agenda is pretty full.

Here are some random pics of the recent month:

This was at a live nativity near Matt's house. It was amazing! They made this entire river bank/park into a walk through Bethlehem. Best part was no-brainer the free hot chocolate and homemade rolls. Yes, that is me petting a camel. I had to get physical with quite a few tiny tots to get some one on one time with the hairy devil. FYI: camels are crazy soft.

That is Lee sleeping on my bed. Find anything strange about this image? She sleeps in the weirdest ways.

*I would also like to give a shout out to my dearest friend Eric James (Erica Jane), who won the 'ugliest' award at a recent party. Congrats you cute little boy, you never let us down.


bethany said...

Tina, I have one good, and I mean rock-your-frickin-historical-novel-world, book to recommend. No I'm not going to "mention" the title here. For that you'll need to bring me 4-6 loaves of Marmie's homemade banana bread. Still warm. It's probably number 6 on my list of books that are as entertaining as they are intellectual. Your diary being a 29.

-Kyle and Emily- said...

I new she would win that one day. Bless her little soul

Jessica said...

I can't stop laughing at that little sleeping boy.