December 11, 2010

Come Together

I am here to ask a favor. A plea in the name of fitness (and apparently the Beatles, by the looks of the title. Cool that we can now, seeing as Beatles downloads on itunes are now possible). Here's the thing, I am teaching a couple of fitness classes next semester. GASP! I wish I had a better onomatopoeia for that, but I can't think of one. In order to graduate in my chosen field the department uses and abuses us and forces us to give free fitness classes to University employees. In all honesty I am not bugged at all, I'm actually quite excited. Mmmm, pardon, I WAS excited, that is until I found out one of the classes I have to teach is a spin class....two spin classes. I am crazy nervous. I suck at spin. False, I look semi handi-dis-capable when I am in a spin class. They kick my butt and actually cause my sweat glands to bear their ever-sparing fruits, (I never sweat, it's a bummer, I like it when I do, makes me feel like I'm working hard and makes other people believe it as well).

Anyway, to the point, at last: I have no music. My computer, no offense pappa who lovingly purchased it for me, is a P.O.S (abbreviated for piece of ****) and keeps crashing, so I've stopped putting my music on it. So, here is my dilemma, the best spin classes, in my opinions begin and end with music selection. So, I am here, on my knees, begging you please (april, that was my shout out to your boys Boyz II Men...or is it All4One? They're all the same) help me. I am asking for you to share with me your favorite songs, the ones that get you moving, your 'go-to's' on your run or at the gym. The ones that help you clean the house with a titch of a better attitude. Ya know? Those songs. Anyway, I would love to get a good variety and possibly learn of some good diddys I didn't know about before.

So, with this final plea I ask for your help, dear cyber comrades. Plus, kind of fun to see what people listen to, right?

December 8, 2010

Christmas Gizzards

So, I have no Thanksgiv pics or neat new things that have any prevalence to this wonderful season, partly because I never take the pics at family outings...I'm far too busy standing in front of the camera, giving cute little boys hope everywhere that they can someday grow up and look devastatingly good looking. But, huh um, sisters.....I would appreciate some pics so people believe me when I say I have a family. My lack of evidence is starting to look fishy.

Anyway, I do have an experience I would like to share with you all. It begins so beautiful, full of hope and then, without explanation it takes a turn for the terrifying. We shall call it the nightmare before christmas. Copyright? I say nay, the publishing big wigs will never catch me.

So, I hate snow. Harsh, yes, but I really do. I like the occasional snow we would go play in at kolob or the one day in Hurricane it would snow enought to build a snowman, until noon when it would be reduced to midget-dom. But I'm no good at snow boarding or skiing and I haven't found my personal money tree to make it feasible. But, last year I came to find that snowshoeing was delightful. I actually quite enjoyed it. Thus this year I have decided to do it regularly so I can join the freaks and get all giddy when it is a blizzard outside.

So me and lenny rented some shoes and decided to skip a class or two and hit the trails and we were just two happy little guys excited to get some sore muscles and see some of God's cool art when we saw


Sorry if you can't see it very well, wish I could zoom it for ya. But it is guts. A huge pile of intestines, spleen, heart, liver, you know, all the good stuff they let you play with in anatomy lab. How I miss being able to play with livers......anyway, it was a titch scary but nothing to deter me in my "love snow" mission. That is, until I saw the huge, bloody paw next to these guts. Not sure if it's the big cat's guts or the prey of the big cat's guts. I'm a tad embarrassed to say I wanted to keep going, but the ever practical Lenny decided we should turn around and not ruin the pretty white stuff with our gizzards as well. We walked our little tooshies outta there as fast as our oversized shoes would let us, imagining only the most implausible scenarios to occur. It didn't help that the trail of blood followed us all the way to our car.
Looks like me and snow will just have to agree to disagree on a mutual friendship. I will not give in this easy though, Me and snow will be wearing ying yang bff bracelets before st. patty's day!!

Oh, and I did a school project about body image and I used this pic and it made me smile literally all day. So, here is my christmas card to the rest of you, allow George Castanza to adorn your fridge and christmas tree and fill your season with joy, love, and hair...lots of body hair.

November 8, 2010

Weeping.....Various Types and Forms

Weeping 1: School Rape

Wale kids, has it been this long? Really? School not only takes your money but it rapes you of your social networking freedoms and stalking hobbies. The nerve.

Weeping 2: Roids
And with a loss we suffered saturday against TCU (please don't make me recount, lets just say we left early and Senior NEVER leaves early. His little heart was shattered) I'm starting to wonder where all this cash is going....
Oh, but speaking of the game (or spanking) we did have one neat experience, we totally saw a guy get choke-slammed, WWE style over a railing by a cop. Scared the piss out of me but made the game totally worth it. Let it be a lesson to all you young, aspiring small-man-syndrome-humans STEROIDS ARE NOT THE ANSWER. THEY ONLY GET YOU IN TROUBLE AND CAUSE SHRINKAGE AND EMBARRASSING MOMENTS AND PHONE CALLS TO MOMMY TO COME BAIL YOU OUT. See, I'm just helping mold young minds every day, I can't help it.
This years celebration of Hallow's Eve was an eventful one.
Thursday night me and senior attended Erica's bash in Provo. Good times with her and her cousins....jk, eventually some non-related peeps came too. No pics of the eventful night though, sorry.
Friday me, Jo, Judy and senior attended a ward dance party and might I say for a ward dance party it was pretty freakin legit. Yes I am a gang-ster. We danced like mad. If you have never danced w me, judy and jo, you are missing some serious good times. One kid told my friend later that he wanted to dance with us....but he was too scared he'd get hurt. Well kid, survival of the fittest on the dance floor.
Saturday was Jo's party and it was pretty fun too, a lot more dancing and some great costumes.
(me and Fin - treasure troll)

Did we just become best friends?!

As you can see I was a construction worker, damn my orbicularis muscles! I can' whistle and it threw off the whole authenticity of the ensemble. But I made due.

Judy sucks at being sinister

Total Count of How Many Times I Was Asked Either Directly or Indirectly if I Was Intoxicated
On the Dance Floor = 4

Not bad.

Weepie 3: YES PLEASE!

So I finally got to go see The Weepies in concert and I will try not to be too American and over dramatize everything in hopes of filling in for the shortcomings of other aspects of my life....BUT, it was AMAZING! The venue was perfect. Seriously perfect. I have hated every venue in salt lake I have been to as of late, plus SLC peeps have zip concert etiquette. Cowards. But The State Room is the way to go in my opinion.

They were amazing. Seriously the cutest couple I can think of. What a cool life they live too, sure, has its issues, but they seem to love it, hence I love it. But they were better live than they even are on the CD. Think I'm lying? I'm a mormon. I wouldn't.

I got some videos, but they suck. So youtube them, as is customary with this new generation anyway.

(Caitlyn, Brett, Leo)
My phone didn't exactly give me Hansel Adams quality. Sorry

(Me and Leo, 8 years and counting)

Lambs Canyon

A few weeks ago Senior, me and Leo headed out to Lambs Canyon, a small canyon on the way to Park City. I had never been and it has been (until today) beautiful fall weather. It was gorgeous, I was giddy as a school boy the whole time. Leo had a bum ankle, which I will explain later, so she read about Jesus in the car while I dragged senior up the mountain.

I am trying to love snow, so I'm getting excited about potentially snowshoeing this trail. Cross your fingers that my brain is dumb enough to get tricked.....doubt it, I'm crazy smart;)

Pic above is why me and senior hardly take smiling pics. Punch to the pride

We are the cutest boys this side of the Virgin River.

Senior likes to play this stupid, dumb, annoying, incredibly inconvenient, makes-me-mad-cause -I-laugh-game where he likes to put my arms behind my back and put his arms through and pretend they are mine. We have played it, against my will, in many social settings deemed 'inappropriate' and he continues to love it and try to play it often.
Cooking is hell with this game, trust me.

Weepie 4: The story of Lenny and the bootleg day

So, this is leo, lenny, lendra, leah. She and I decided to go for a run up Pinecreek Canyon about a week ago. It was gorgeous by the way. She was having an already somewhat bum day and I was on some sort of estrogen-induced high cause I was on top of the world and soooo happy to be in this beautiful place. You can imagine our dynamics at the time. Oil and water. But she was a trooper and ran with me and listened to my happy rantings until we were literally 5 steps from the car, which lights she had left on. Literally 5 small steps, when she fell and twisted her ankle something awful. It swoll up crazy fast and looked like a small troll on her leg for longer than a week.

But she finally got to use her jazzy! she loves the dumb things. And she was using a cane, borrowed from ol' man Karl upstairs on campus, made me laugh my balls off. I even got video, stealthly, but it didn't upload, so just imagine, it's prob just as good

Weepie 5: It's a blizzard.

New favorite cafe = Cucina in the aves. BEST hot chocolate I've yet had. Do I want one right now in this blizzard? Don't ask questions you already know the answer to.

October 15, 2010

A Heavenly Spasm

My fall break has consisted of these three things.....seriously, A LOT of these three things. The bunny's name is Mocha and it's the newest member of the Ballard Zoo. It's the calmest of the three. But Meg is a great best friend, and we ARE best friends, for she reminds me hourly.

I have recently been told by a few fellow humans that my blog has been....(the word hurts to say) boring lately. Ouch. Ouch, but a deserved ouch I suppose. Pardon my insensitivity towards the reading public and allow me to share a little experience I had the other night, Wednesday night to be precise.

So, I have a confession. For once I feel legitimate when using that word because it is actually something to do with my spiritual well-being. I digress. Anyway, I, as I have been guided and directed to do since infancy, have prayed night and morning (ok, sometimes the morning one has seen small seasons of hiatus, don't judge) to the Big Guy. This has been one of the few things I have never really faltered in too much. Admittedly, it is probably a lot to do with the fact that I absolutely CANNOT sleep unless I perform my nightly ritual to exactness, wherein my prayers are apart of that ritual. Takes a bit of the 'kudos to chelle's salvation' out of it when you admit it to be a 'task.' Anyway, while I do not struggle with the doing portion, I somewhat struggle with the overall delivery....

I fall asleep when I pray, ok.

I fall asleep often.

This leads nicely into my what would have been solitary embarrassment, but seeing as I'm so prone to share this experiences with the world, here ya go.

(Here's the best pic I currently have to depict the cute little freak.
He recently returned from Paris)

I had stayed up late again, thanks to the return of the ever infamous sleep bandit Elder Michael C. Long. He is responsible for almost every single one of my 'all-nighters' in my life. Oh, welcome home buddy, by the way. But, despite the hour, I knelt by my bed, and began with the best of intentions to have a nice little chit-chat with my dear old Dad.

Well, somewhere amongst those earth-shattering thoughts I was sharing with him, my mind started to wander a tad. It does that frequently, wish someone would have told me about riddelin a loooong time ago. Then, with the wandering came a smooth transition into a dream-filled sleep. I'm not sure what was going down but it was something BIG, cause I had a reason to jolt, VERY intensely. This jolt not only woke me up, but caused me to fling backwards and hit my head quite firmly on the bed post, causing me to knock myself over, hitting my head again on the nearby chair on the way down.

I now have a bruised head and an aching head ache. So I just layed on the floor for a while and giggled. Heavenly Father seriously has a pretty good sense of humor.

Heavenly Father: 1

Pride: 0

September 28, 2010

New Home

Good bye 477 S. 60 E. Hurricane, Utah.

663 S. 1300 E. Salt Lake City, Utah....I fare thee well.

You were great homes and I did dearly love the time we had together.

But I have found a new home, or should I say it has found me. It found me and chained my typed-out fingers to the soul-wrenching keyboard and hid me from the world of happiness and sunshine I once knew.

Hello library. I hope my residence here is short, but successful.

p.s. Could you please make the bathroom easier to do my nightly rituals in? My toothbrush can't seem to find its niche. Thanks.

Look how happy I am here.... outside, in the sun, with friends, by the water.
So naive.


I looooove when people say that in sacrament meeting. Just trickin. My dream, much like martin luther king's, is to someday speak a language that no one in the congregation will likely know and make them say something vulgar and they say it back. of course I'll be the only one getting the joke...but I don't mind.

Well, it's been a while, huh kids? Has it been hard? I find that I have once again joined forces with my inner Satan and taken on my 'journal demons.' While this is not a journal, I find that the same principle applies. Let me explain:

Whenever I get that urge to write in my journal, usually resulting from either an inspirational or flat out terrifying hell/fire/damnation lesson in a religious setting, I start and I find that with myself I am pleased. Yet, as my life somehow does, with no friendly reminders or pertinent warning signs, things just sort of pile up and I find that it has been 3 months since I last wrote. Now while this is no Y2K scare, ***(speaking of remind me to tell you about my awesome idea to have a y2k scare party, I have a lot of good things resulting from that molecular sparkle in my thoughts) it does pose a problem because I find that I don't want to write after the three months cause so much has happened and I feel overwhelmed by the idea of recapping everything. Thus the viscous cycle continues until after a year or two I decide to start anew with refreshed vigor and vim....but the cycle inevitably always repeats itself.

Nevertheless, it is thus with my blogging. So, to prevent myself from this demon of my memoirs, I will just vaguely recap and not care if you can follow along.

Rachelle, Readers Digest Version:

I am in school. I love school. No matter what I say when I am in the library on weekends doing a blasted lab study for a professor with small man syndrome and way too much 49er's memorabilia who refuses to allow anyone to have the right answer, I love school. I love being on campus and I love my majors/minor

Senior and me at our recent trip to the Museum of Natural History. Dinos are neat.

(just trying to spice this up with some pics)

For those of you who don't know, I am an Exercise and Sport Science Major- fitness leadership and also a Journalism major. Oh, and kick in a nutrition minor. I am always curious as to what people are learning in their majors and what classes they are taking. So, I might throw in some fun tid bits of things I am learning that I think are applicable to the general public if it so pleases you. I am particularly in love with my nutrition classes and while they are intense, they are neat.

I am currently registered in the following:
Exercise programming ( a lot of poking and running and measuring)
Exercise programming lab (A LOT of running, poking and measuring)
Sports Nutrition
Soccer - yes, it's vital to my graduation:)
Magazine Writing
Cultural Aspects of Food - this class rocks, all we do is eat food from different countries for 2 hours once a week. Sometimes the big guy upstairs throws ya a freaking bone, if ya know what I mean.

I also got a job. A big boy job. Neat, huh? I work at Reporters Inc. It's a law reporting firm. For those of you who have ever seen me in an office setting this is perhaps allowing a few chuckles to flow freely from your lips.
Stop it.
But it's not too bad, the chicas I work with are stellar and I have only received 3 paper cuts and almost botched huge projects like once. I'm growing up so fast. Don't tear up mother.

I do desperately miss my homies at East High, I hope to make it back there occassionally cause I love those tinies.

There was the Avenues annual street fair this past week and I loved it. Full of hippies and cool home made things. Among these neat things were two gold mines. A-a frog selling shop which made me think of my mother and how her idea had offish been stolen. Sorry linnie, we shouldn't have made fun of you.

U fans are seer crazy fun and a wee bit obsessed. Love em though. Glad to be one

Result of Game.

U of U game, the MUSS (mighty utah student section) is crazy balls. Pardon my language. They are insane nuts. Seer, the games are super fun and it helps that we are winning these days, also that coach whit is seriously attractive.

Me and Senior at the game. He insisted on standing at the very top. We usually make a few crazy friends up there, so I don't blame him, minus the walk would challenge Lance Armstrong's lungs.

Senior got me these the day I moved back up. He shows his knack for sentimentality in the romantic note. The space thing and the burrito thing are a tad inside-joke is the other parts. Dang.

Another find at the Avenues street fair. This dog drooled more than Erica on a camping trip. Seriously, buckets of drool. I wanted it super bad though. I really want a puppy.

So the other neat find at this street fair was this awesome school of rock, legit style. These kids rocked out and were crazy good and 7. I loved it. I tried to upload a video of them...but vulgar words resulted from the attempt. So no video

(love ya eric)

Random myspace pic. Jk. Is myspace still in existence? I'll ask the world wide web in a sec. But mostly I am showing off my newest purchase from the farmers market. I love this lady's jewelry and I finally bought one. Don't ask with what money....I'd rather not discuss my poverty if you don't mind.

My summer consisted of this. This being Meg. She was my best buddy and my constant friend. Plus I wanted to bring that kitten home.
I resisted. Previous experiences told me I should resist.
Meg is now watching her for me. Safe? Probably not. But they both like cat food so I figure the kitty will think she is one of her. Minus that she tries to baptize the kittens. That little missionary.
I miss all the tinies. SUMMER, YOU ARE A COWARD AND CALIFORNIA IS DUMB. Bring those babies back please. Thanks.
OH, shout out to Madi. She got her ears pierced and didn't shed a single tear. I witnessed it. GOOD JOB MADI!

I have been back down to southern utah quite a bit already. Mostly just because of this place. (oh and my family too. mmmph, sorry) Anyway, I love kolob and I am a sucker for that four hour drive if I know I get to go there. Not a shabby scene, eh?

August 3, 2010

Enlightening Cognizance

I usually hate this sort of blog post, but I had a roller coaster ride of emotions yesterday (which makes me think of b*witched. Anyone remember them from Disney Channel's concerts? They were those spunky irish gals? Anyway, I'm going to trim down on my Disney references here in the near future. Scouts honor). Anyway, all I want to say is:

Working in an office = Not for me. I will not complain, but I will say my vigor for school in a major of my choosing has increased 17.9 fold.

Too soon to be counting down to Hawaii for Kip and Alli's nuptials?

I say nay

Bachelorette - I hate you. I now remember why I was a better person when I didn't have television.

Zumba - Despite my my skepticism and qualming ( I might have made that word up) I LOVE you. I went last night in h-town and had gallons of white-girls-trying-to-shake-it, sweating-so-much-my-arms-started-sprouting-unidentified-leafy-green-things, laugh-my-nonexistant-balls-off FUN. Seriously, It's the funnest work out I've had in a while. I totally recommend it. Thanks Bev for taking me.

Saucy pic, eh? Got it off google/images. Creative slash original, I know.

July 28, 2010

puttin on the ritz

wale, as per usual I find myself engaging in the somewhat less than constructive time-suck of blogging. But, as I just read on my milk chocolate dove wrapper, 'Time wasted happily is not time wasted at all.' Those people at Dove sure do have a simultaneous grasp on the delicious and the sentimental. So, I'm going to fess up, these pictures are disgracefully out of order. Another one of my dastardly plots to maintain intrigue. Subtle, yet....effective? Anywho, here is another whiff of my Summer spent trying to dodge a 'real' job whilst slumming for any dollar I can put my sunburned hands on.

First and foremost, a confession. I have always made fun of these shows. Once again, karma is a bitter, unloved, emotionally barren wench (that quote is for you bev). But I have watched the past two episodes of this season's Bachelorette and I'm hooked. I'm honestly so into who she chooses. It's embarrassing. It's true. But I think she is cute and I like one specific male prospect and I'm upset to admit that I will be glued to the tv monday evening to see who she chooses.

Phew! I feel better having had admitted that.

Thought I'd put these two pics together. Check out our complimentary attitudes. I'm just trying to mold the next generation into something I can smile upon.

There's going to be a lot of pictures of humans shooting. This was not a remake of 'Custer's Last Stand.' Promise. My father was the Young Men's President and he took his priests out shooting. Naturally Matt and I joined. Annie Oakley may or may not have been impressed with me. Did I hit a lot of those wiley clay pigeons?

But I do believe I hit the one's considered most jeapordous to the boy's safety.

Mateo making a dry-ice bomb. I think he finally found a group of people on his same brain waves. Sad.

Me and Lenny, aka Leah recently went for a gorgeous hike up by the narrows. Zion is gorgeous right now. Minus the flash flood warnings I highly suggest you pay it a visit.

Mateo and I doing our best to not show our eye color.
Oh, and we went to a ReAl game. Super fun. Thanks a mil Ashcracks (aka Ashcrofts) I recently had two stellar weekends up in the dirty slc. Matt and Melissa joined for the last one and we had a blast. Thanks for joinin me homies! I have no pics of them, but take my word that they seemed happy.

I love it up there in the Summer. Quite a happenin place. Not exactly 'the city that never sleeps,' but for that I am glad, cause I do enjoy an adequate amount of REM cycles.

This is just on a cool bench after going to see Inception. Did that show boggle anyone else's balls?! I LOVED it! I love movies like that, mind twisters. Seriously one of the best movies I've seen in a while. I'm sure it's no match for the Jacob vs Edward phenomenon sweeping the tween nation, but it's just more my cup of tea I suppose.

So good to be back in southern Utah:).

Andy and Mateo found eachother. Rachelle? Rachelle who?

My best friends down here = madi and meg. Everyday.
We recently went and saw the Jackson's new golden retriever puppies. Can you tell by the face that happiness and purpose were found?

I've been really into trail running lately. I'm addicted. I was going with my best good pal Jordan, (who's photography site has been updated and I HIGHLY recommend you check it out) and we'd been on some gorgeous runs. But, as we mere mortals often do, we got a little gung-ho in our endeavors and we did a hard run a few too many times that week. We tried to to do the same run again and our legs felt like a mixture between 3 day old Hunan City chow mein and Harry Potter's arm in the 2nd movie when Professor Lockhart takes the bone out.
Too much?
Sorry. I digress.
Anyway, I ate crap after trying to run up a mountain of massive porportions and this is just the hand. My 'seat, rear, rumpus, boonie, butt, gluteus maximus, derriere, keister, caboose, what have you was also severly beat up. But I will spare you those photos.
Yes, I took photos.

wistful, don't ya think?

Mateo is a man of....well, B.S. A LOT of it. He makes up so much crap all day long that my trust issues have been magnified ten fold. Words, facts, etc. He makes me look like an honest Abe, which has NEVER happened.

Some of Mateo's best quotes in recent weeks:
"I got a fancymanship degree. I specialize in all things fancy. It's a mix between ritzy and classy.
Ellen deGenerus, Jim Halpart and Michael Buble are just a few of my fellow grads."
"I've just been puttin on the ritz."
"Feel free to follow me on the tweeter."
"Bradjolina ate my baby!"

Back to puppy love.

Did I mention that I these girls are around? Cute little farts.

Pappa Bruce divulging his ever expounding wisdom upon some oppressed 16 year olds.

Wanna get your heart racing? Just join these two freaks on a four wheeler ride out south. You will A-swear. Don't be ashamed. Pretty sure even Mother Teresa would. B-pee your pants. C-hit the person driving. D-Have a lot of fun. These boys are nuts, but I love em. Pretty cool scenery too. I kept making them pose for engagements but they always moved too soon. Believe me when I say it got saucy.

Cute photo. I miss those babies and Noah an insane amount. Move on back now Shlum. Thanks!!

Speaking of near death experiences, I am planning on making my first sky-diving jump here in about a month and I am pretty excited. Feel free to come if you want, August 28th is the day as of now. But this risky behavior got me thinking if it was any more dangerous than hopping in your car in the morning to drive to work. Mateo found this cool little thing that I would like to share cause I think it is interesting.
No reason for it.
Is there ever?