January 27, 2010

Whoah! (said in the Joey Lawrence voice from 'Blossom')


*Since I can't be in H-town for the infamous birthday celebrations, here is my totally intricate and dollar-savvy way of wishing two of the weirdest but funniest people I know a happy bday. I should have always assumed Meg and Althea were born in the same month. Freakin horoscopes are always dead on;).
The Cutest and Fatest Boy I know:)

January 21, 2010


So, I'm fully aware that one should never post when in the sentimental mood (as I've stated before it's just romanticizing the fact that you're tired), but everyone falls of the sensical horse and tonight is that so said night for me. I'm feeling a bit confused, frustrated and just really confused. I can't decide what to do with several little details of my existence and while compaired to major earthquakes, drunk politicians, and the ongoing debacle between werewolf and vampire, my life dilemmas may seem pretty insignificant. But, nonetheless they are overwhelming me bit by bit. Journalism degree? Job? Roomate? And many more that your nosey self doesn't need to be concerned with. But, in my nutrition class today I had a small epiphany. We were discussing body image, which is mostly what the course is about, and discussing our bias's we have regarding people's appearance, particularly fat or obese people. I realized that I am super judgemental and what a total inconvenience that is considering my major is dealing with people who need help with their weight, not Bob and Jillian's who need help maintaining their perfect figures. I have had this false sense of superiority, thinking that it is my mission to go out there and make all the fat people skinny and hence create self esteem across the globe! lofty resolutions, eh? I realized also that being bigger does not mean you are lazy! After discussing the physiological and psychological 'nitty-gritty's' of obesity I realize that it is I who have been extremely naive. I've always been an 'eat right and exercise! It's literally that simple.' But guess what my avid readers, it sometimes is not that simple. So to all people who have felt judged, blatantly ignored, or told that you need to lose weight (obviously bigger people know that they are big, seriously people we need to stop stating the obvious. Also if you see someone particularly tall I PROMISE you don't need to comment on their height, they are fully aware), I am deeply sorry. I am so sorry if I have ever made you feel like less of a person because you didn't have the cookie-cutter image that I have unfortunately bought into. Being skinny does NOT mean you are fit, it simply means you are skinny...for the time being. After being in this degree I have learned that being fit has nothing to do with how you look. But this is not to downplay the importance of exercise and a good diet, they really will do wonders and are the figurative magic pill people are searching for. Just don't underestimate the complexity.
I also realized with this mind-blower of moments in Hyper N room138 that I have been absurdly blessed. I'm going to probably sound extremely pompous and annoying, but I assure you my intentions are nothing but angelic. I have been extremely blessed to have a body that can do whatever I ask it to (minus the splits or anything regarding flexibility. Dang those toes, their always just so far away). I am secure with how I look, but don't be fooled that I'm more psychologically sound than the next bloak, I have just been given a healthy frame to function in. Some people are asked to deal with bodies that prevent them from doing many things they want to do. People don't always not do things because they are lazy. CRAZY! I'm just glad that that particular burden hasn't been mine to bear, and I hope that from the awesome professors and this way cool major I can make life a bit easier and less harsh to those who were maybe asked to deal with a struggle in an unsympathetic world.
One more point on this post with no cool pics or worthwhile jokes, I want to plead with people, whomever you may be, to stop reading the trash that fills our minds with discouraging thoughts and unrealistic expectations. There are SO many good magazines and such out there that supports health and happy living without asking you to stretch your face till it lies flat against your cerebrum and run till your stomach literally has to start feeding on your skin. I'm just as guilty as the next life-form of reading the smut and saying out loud, "she is so skinny it's not even attractive." But even looking at that trash implants ridiculous crap in your gizzards that will shew its ugly head later. So, even though you may want to junk punch me for sounding preachy, despite how much I hate that and hope I don't, try with me to read only things that will help us be secure with what we were given and cash in on our natural gift cards. How rude is it to be dissatisfied with these miraculous bodies that work in mind boggling ways? The end and one more apology for the road

January 14, 2010

Thwuangles and Biting the Dust

Well if it isn't a few days into 2010, eh? Yes, I realize it's nearly half way into the first month, but do not judge, blogging is a time suck sometimes (plus I realized something, I am willingly giving my lurking enemies somewhere out there a whole heap of info. My personal memoirs here, on a virtual platter for them to devour at any time they choose. Not very intelligent on my part). Before I seep my paws into dishing out the events of the past moon cycle, I would like to pose a question: What is with the words they make you type to sign into your account on google? Seriously. My titles namesake is actually inspired from the one I had to decode just today. Thwuangles. Yep, thwuangles. I know it's to protect every hard working mother who's tiny tots may stumble on to their computer whilst they are blogging, and type some embarrassing family story or four-lettered, tongue soaper (april). But honestly, I ALWAYS just guess as to what letters are there. I feel like it's a trick question. You want me to decode that twisted, mangled, mess of letters just to access my own account? I would like to be hired as the cowgirl that comes up with those words. T'would be a pretty fun gig. Soap box. Sorry.
On another note, as my mom would say, I live in a 'dirty city.' The air is yucky. I'm pretty sure you shouldn't be able to chew the air. But, what do I know. Biting the dust, or air, literally.

Barbara and Gavin's Wedding:

My dear little brazilian got hitched. She just so happened to marry the sweetest guy in this earthly realm. The reception was beautiful and I officially agree with everything Brazilian. They eat a lot of good food, dance, and eat a bit more. Pretty sure there's a scripture about it, something about how men are that they might have joy. Congrats Barb and Vin!

My camera happy comrades

Eachother's only hope for a similar scene someday

I love this pic of judy and Lee. They were the musical entertainment and they did amazing

Santa Has A Crush On Me

I got some sweet thangs from santa this year, I am absolutely convinced he has a crush on me.
I admit it, I am a spoiled, rotten, bearnstein-bear-book-worthy-punk. I have so many awesome people that love me and express that love in crazy cool, thoughtful gifts. I'm crazy lucky. How cool is this for snow

And yes, at the bird ins now my constant companion. Sorry no pics of the bird, her pretty stellar set up, as always thanks to linnie and maddie. Her name, thanks to Bruce is Sonya. Which I just found out from a Nepali girl I tutor means 'golden.' Nice pops. But she is called many things as a result of disaccord on name-agreeance: Mr. S (roomates), Ladya (matt - he claims since we don't absolutely know the gender it's the only appropriate option), Sonie (meg), and I'm sure more to come. She loves people, still not saying any words and poops...A LOT. But, cool fact, she is potty trained and flies off people if she needs to do the duty. cool eh? Minus Chels Stout, sorry dog.

Near Death and Crazy Chaps

I went sledding/snowmobiling with a few H-town hometowners and had a phenom time. Minus Tyson nearly dying when flying off a cliff and snowmobiles being slightly less than pristine the trip was an overall success and I had tons of fun.

Tyson's escapades off a cliff. He took out that tree, roots and all.
Tys thought he could make some good hot cocoa if he just heated up this barrel of snow. Good in theory.

Tyson Gubler, Whitney Spendlove, Axton Hoyt, Gabe Phillips, Me, Annie Marsh, Chancen Hall, and Callin Nay. Cute little pile of punks, eh?

me and whit. You wouldn't believe how happy we were to be on safe ground. No offense boys.

I'm super bummed cause I had a lot more pics of our fun in the snow, I know you don't lose your composure about it, but they were good ones and my camera is being...shall we say, dumb. Sorry guys, I'll get you the pics soon.

Just a shout out to the man who restored my faith in the gospel. We all went to church with Adam and Summer when Ava got sealed and Grant and her got blessed. This man made the whole congregation rehearse and sing the halelujah chorus....in sacrament meeting...with drums. It was honestly awesome. I laughed for a full hour. He shouted and hollered and called people out. It was great. Also the drummer was an 80 year old man, whom we later found out has a 6 year old a 13 year old. Zip joke. Never had more fun at church. I feel like it is the closest I've ever been to a southern, black rock n roll church that I've longed for. Of course me and mel had to have a pic with him.

Sister Blisters!

Two of my best friends, and close to only friends have decided to give up on love and pursue a mish. just kiddin guys. I'm super happy for them, but majorly bummed.

Lee: Guatemala (can't spell the first part)

Tan: Eugene, Oregon