February 23, 2010

God Bless the UK

I love my major. It's just true. I realized today while discussing it with a poor sap who chose chemistry that my major is truly the bees knees and the bananas pajamas. It's challenging (I have a couple of grades to prove it), but it's entirely enrapturing and the professors are not pretentious in the least. The biggest benefit is easily that you can wear gym clothes each and every day and not only is it ok, it's expected! Could I be more blessed? I'll quit bragging about my life, cause it's always a smidge annoying when people do it. Not that I'm not unhappy for all those perfectly content in their sitch, but isn't it always a tad obnoxious to read about someone brag for a lengthy time? It reminds me of the line on P and P (pride and prejudice for those of you without ovaries) when the delightful Mr. Collins says to the Bennett family, "I thought I might read to you all for an hour or two from the four dice sermons." Classic. Anyways, I digress.
So, I have a professor, Dave. Yep, just Dave. He is from London and despite having been here for over 20 years is still intent on making sure we all know how much better the monarchy is to our falling Obamerica ( am I the first to come up with that? Cause it just came out and I can't help but look back and be pretty proud of myself. Proof is in the pudding! I am paying a fortune for education!). But, he is a hilarious chap and is constantly cracking jokes and more importantly making fun of people. I, luckily, happen to be one of his favorites to pick on. Here are a couple of our convos in class:
Dave: "I would like all of you to wear appropriate attire to class, so we can move around a bit and now rip our nickers. Ah, Rachelle, come on up to the front of the class would you?
I hesitantly walk to the front of the classroom.
Dave: "Now here is an example of what to wear to class. Rachelle has conveniently worn her track pants to class on the first day. So dress like her, but...do feel free to do your hair."
Me: "May I sit down now Dave?"
Dave: "Naw, take a minute to bask in your glory."

Dave: "Rachelle, do you have a rubber in your bag?"
Me: "What?!"
Dave: "Yes Rachelle, a rubber. Don't act so surprised, I've seen you using one before.
Me: "Dave, I'm pretty sure you have not seen me use a rubber before." The amount of redness on my face could provide blush for albinos across the globe.
Dave: "Come on Rachelle, I just need one, I'm not going to take your whole stash."
The entire class is just reveling it in at this point.
Me: "I SWEAR I do not have a spare or any other kind of rubber in my bag.
Dave: "You don't have one pencil in your bag?"
Me: (entirely confused) "Huh?"
Dave: "You know, the thing to erase what you don't want on your bloody paper for goodness sake!"
That's when it hit him. Darn those semantics! The word my otherwise on-the-ball teach was looking for was eraser. In England apparently they call them rubbers. His pride was injured so he let us out early. That still hasn't stopped the class from calling me Trojan lately. Nice

February 9, 2010

Party Like A Poncho and Stop This Craze Called The Internet!

Sorry for the fuz. BIRD UPDATE: Sonya, which she is rarely called, is doing well. She loves humans and loves pecans. Except for a couple of incidences she does not poop on so said humans that she loves. Actually recently she pooped on a fellow at a certain social gathering I'll mention later and every female in the place was inwardly excited about it. Animals..Such an innate sense of character. She loves climbing up people and she WILL find a way to do it. Her new favorite trick is to climb up my shoes,pants,shirt and eventually land on my head where she will then plant her feet in my hair (yeah, bird feet in curly hair ROCKS) and then peer over my face, like a type of bang and just look me in the eyes. It's decently funny, but hugely inconvenient when homework is brought forth. Noah loves the bird, unless it comes near him and whenever I go over he immediately says, "did you bring the bird!?' Now I know how my siblings with children feel when they come over....second rate. Matt pretends to hate it, but he actually loves it, I've seen him cuddling it several times. Sucker.

So cute cats, I have a pile, nay an ever literal Everest of books awaiting to be read, studied and cognitively interpreted by yours truly. But, true to heart (as nick and the boys would say during the ending credits of Mulan) I will catch up on the current events of my being.
I get dictionary.com's word of the day each day. It makes me happy and I get excited when it's a funky word and I, with brutal force, attempt to use it in my day. I thought I would make this a bit interactive and pretend like virtual friends can fill the gaps in a school-trodden social calendar.
So here are some words to describe some people I know:
Meg = Autotonsorialist
April = Colposinquanonia
Madi = Dompteuse
Kyle = Farctate (such a good one, in sound and definition I think)
Honorificabilitudinitatibus - no people, just crazy cool word
Entire Scholzen and Ballard family =
All of my mother's grandchildren =
Nancy slash Mother = quidnunc
Judy (jessica Judy that is) = tarantism
Erica =
Both Matts =
Melissa =
Noah =

Anywho, those are just a couple. If I didn't list your name it is NOT because there is not an unusual word to describe you. In fact, it may mean you a
re too unusual for poor ol Webster to keep up with. That's the story I'm sticking with anyway.

Enough barminess for now (yep, another dictionary.com winner meaning
frivolous). We had ourselves a bit of a social gathering, often called a party by younger folk, for Poncho's big 22 bday! I sure do like that small bundle of sarcasm. She gets my goat if ya get my drift.
There was lots of fun peeps, weird lee/judy style of dancing (yes please!) and way too many folks for one tree house to accomodate = such a happy shell.Fave pic - gavin was practicing his gangsta moves in the mirror and thought no one was watching. Hint gav...I'm always watching.

Notice sonya making her party debut on poncho. Dang good lookin bird.

Matthew Shirley and I also joined the hype and went and saw Avatar, or "Avatard" as Matt calls it. Can you guess his sentiments? Yeah, he's pretty mad at his faithful Rotten Tomatoes for giving it a good rating. I didn't hate it, thought it was a cool idea, but correct me if I'm wrong, did or did not Fern Gully get the same point across and in 2 1/2 hours less? Speaking of which I recently purchased the forest magic for less than 5 dollars at Wallys. Best purchase of the year...? A resounding yes. I have pics of us in our 3D glasses, but they came out not only blurry but horrendous on the optics. Hard to believe, right? But here is a sign we passed on the way home. Couldn't help ourselves. Mostly Matt couldn't help himself. STD's deserve celebrations too! And what a bargain!
Taco Tuesday!!!
So Matt and his man-crush and simultaneous best friend Josh, his wife megan and their little boy JP have thus included me in their Taco Tuesday fiesta. We go over there, religiously mind you, every Tuesday for tacos, American Idol laughs, and Jazz games. It's fun and Josh and Megan are pretty fun peeps. And yes, they somehow cook enough food for me AND Matt. A feat few have accomplished in this mortal test. This is a pic of Matt and JP. Ironic that they look remarkably similar. Either Matt has got youth on his side or this baby is reaching his 30's straight outta the womb. Undecided.

Last and probably definitely least, seeing as all the cool thangs I've given you to dwell on, I would like to discuss technology. Despite my utter 'fed-upness' of school at the moment, I watched an interesting documentary in my Comm class recently. It was called Digital Nation. I believe it is on KUED and is still running, I HIGHLY recommend you tune in, or download it. It was a mind boggling study of what mass media has done to our society. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not going avatar on your bones, demanding we wear granola and drive mud-ran vehicles, but it really opened my eyes to what is happening around me, and I've been too distracted...well, with media to notice. If you go to a education campus anywhere you will see that 4 out of 5 students are on their cell phones, laptops, iphones, etc. I realized I've been too busy shoving my head in a screen and I'm missing out on what college offers - distinct human interaction. An opportunity to share opinions and ideas like in no other venue. But it's not just in Universities, its everywhere. People are literally using things like Second Life to conduct business meetings. They create a character and live vicariously through this character to conduct meetings, business 'get aways,' and more. Anyway, I totally recommend it. It was even done by the man who wrote Cyberia, an internet-loving book in the early 2000s. It was a good eye-opener for me. And for those of you who want to be apart of our SuperBowl fun, check out summers blog, she does a cuter job than me anyhow.