March 24, 2010

Dog Tags

Many young men and young women have bitten the bullet and decided that their well-being and general sanity are second in priority to the call of duty issued by the Big Guy. Despite there being a war going on, a couple of fools still deem it necessary to enlist and put on their dog tags (or name tag, tomatoe-tamata) and faithfully sing the "Lets Get Down To Business To Defeat The Huns song (feel free to replace Huns with gentiles, it may make this a tad more applicable). My dearest friend and comrade Leonard Triggets Wilson is just so one of those tiny tots. I'm super proud of him and I refuse to write a whole heap about it because I'm still meandering through the 'denial' stage of the whole ordeal. I plan to live there happily for...mmm, give or take 18 months-ish. This may shock you ever optimistic blog stalkers, but I have only a few peeps who really get my gizzards, Lenny is just such a pioneer. I'm gonna miss her like crazy, but I'm beyond proud of her. If you missed her farewell talk you missed a lot of spiritual things making nests in your cranium. Fare thee well Sister Blister of my heart, I'm pretty sure those Guatemalans won't get your jokes, but will love your innate ability to eat even the yuckiest of entres.

God Bless Pierre!
On a lighter note, Shirley and I dined at for brunch (right before the first lunch and way before actual lunch) at a new local treasure. BY FAR the best waffles my once naive taste buds have ever been introduced to. I believe they sparked a friendship, my taste buds and the waffles. I hope it's a lasting one and not one solely based on lust, we all know how bitterly those can end. Anyway, if you're ever in the SLC hood, check it out. (looky who got all technologically savvy:) )


bethany said...

what a tribute. You guys are literally best friends.

Anonymous said...

and how long did it take you to figure out how to do a link??? just kidding. i got confused when you said him (refering to lenny) i really thought you were talking about a guy :) sweet lenny. she will be in heart as the best math tutor evva. hence your not in my heart as the best math tutor BECAUSE YOU CAN'T DO MATH tee hee.