April 22, 2010

A Weekend Without Regret.....Even Though I Should Have Been Studying

Well kids, it's been an eventful couple of weekends, as I will show you in the previous images. You may be saying, "Chelle, it's finals, how are you finding the time to endulge in such frivolous activities?" I like to think it's a gift. I have a gift to always find the funnest distractions right during finals time. Admittedly, this is somewhat of a curse as well, seeing as my studies are constantly put on the back burner, which we all know always burns the pudding because of its step-child location thus resulting in neglect and faulty desserts. Please don't ask where the comparison comes from, I'd rather not talk about it. Well, enough babble and more pics, seeing as the money maker is not my words, nor is it my looks....but reality TV has given talent-lacking gals like me a glimmer of hope.

Firstly, Friday I went to Eric's track meet. She is my dearest boyfriend and look at all that athleticism. I, of course wore spandex and a sports bra so as to feel included with all of the insanely chisled people who claim to be of my same age. I had to do something to decrease our obvious physical gaps, I think the spanx helped. Anyway, she is really good and I'm almost positive I will paint my chest next time. I don't even mind that she goes to BYU, how's that for friendship?
Thanks to shirls new supreme living location, we venture over to temple square quite frequently. I figure being on the grounds helps my chances of running into ol Tommy S. I've got a few ideas I'd like to run by him. Anyway, they have performances at the tabernacle every week and they are quite delightful. Plus we get to dress up and feel cultured, not that our southern Utah heritage deprives us of that or anything...:/
Next we have the Bees game season opener!!!! It was my first Bees game and it didn't disappoint. I LOVE baseball, because A-I'm an American and have a dose of pride in my country, B-that means it's getting warm outside, C- more weiners (hot dogs, get your mind out of the gutter) than ever need to be gathered in one place, and D- it's just a quality game and super fun atmosphere. I love that you get to take a blanket and sit in the outfield too. Have you ever noticed how much more friendly people are when joined together by patronism to the same sporting team? It's commradery unrivaled I tell you.
Oh, and the fireworks rocked my world. Have you ever been afraid that the little spark wouldn't die before it hit you whilst watching fireworks? Well the maternal-worries in me always have and it happened, multiple times. People were scared, eyes were nearly lost, limbs nearly charred. But the fireworks were phenom. But still, fire hazards are no joking matter.
Oh, and these beauties were the result of shaking one's head as fast as you can while the other takes a picture. It has some sort of intellectual value, of which I will find later.
Saturday Shirls and I made a delish breakfast. I have a thing for making a HUGE, amazing breakfast and then being gluttonously sick the rest of the day as a result. Its a love-hate relationship.
Since we're in the mode of discussing things I have non-condoned love for, lets segway into this past weekend. The Jazz, my boys, my homedogs, the cause for many a tear and many unregretted high tens. I have a huge thing for D-Will, Deron as I respectfully call him. I know that our love will probably never blossom past the spring of a newborn bud, but lusting is harmless...right tommy?
Anyways, awesome game, we won, as you all know, hopefully forever hushing the "Utah fans for Mello," commercials.

Ok, since you have been patient and read all about my normal life, possibly thinking to yourself, "Hey, that Rachelle girl seems to get it. Her life seems to have found that flow with waters drawn from the well of comfort and ease." I don't blame you in thinking this, for I constructed it to be this way between us. But here it is, the honesty that keeps me ever short of the whimsical R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Yep, another moment produced by good ol me to bring me off that high horse who's saddle I thought to be so comfortable. This one involves my professor Dave. Remember Dave? He's made a comeback, and it goes something like this:

Dave: Rachelle

Me: Oh no

Dave: I'm going to need your help today

Me: Are you sure?

Dave: Yep, you seem to not be as chipper as usual, so lets bring you up here to wake you up a tad, shall we?

Me: I'll drink 7 redbulls if you don't make me do whatever it is you are about to ask me to do.

Dave: Don't be silly, redbulls are bad for you and I'm giving you a priceless gift, the gift of humility. C'mon, don't be shy, come on up

I walk to the front of the classroom, pretty excited as I'm sure you can tell.

Dave: I would like you to demonstrate how a baby scoots

Me: huh?

Dave: Go ahead, get on the floor and scoot like a baby Ballard

Thus I get on the floor and do my best to 'scoot.' Now this, while embarrassing is nothing I can't live with. My classmates already think of me as the girl who would have to scoot like a baby in front of everyone. But then comes the good part. Those who know me well are probably familiar with atleast one or two incidences where I removed a piece of clothing only to remember that there wasn't as much clothing underneath as previously anticipated. Yep, you can probably guess. While trying to 'scoot' I kept getting caught on my sweatshirt, so using my Unversity paid for deductive reasoning skills, I decided to remove the sweatshirt. It's a morning class, so you think I would have remembered I decided to just go sportsbra and sweater that day...but no. So, as you probably predicted I removed my sweatshirt, almost entirely when the realization struck, in all its brutality and nudeness. There I am, on the floor, basically naked with a sweatshirt over my face.

Dave: Rachelle, I think we get the idea, you don't need to dress down to your diaper as well.

Me: Got it. Sorry for my gusto in pursuing the character.

Dave: You can go sit down now Ballard. I feel like you're awake now

Me: Thanks Dave


kylee said...

oh rachelle please have more of these moments i dont know if anything makes me laugh more

Sara Soda said...

I hope you know that your "scooting" story brought laughter, which is the best medicine, to me and Bryan just now. If either of us were terminally ill, we would now be miraculously healed.

Anonymous said...

OH MY GOODNESS and i thought i was pathetic hahahahaha im kidding. but now you've learned a valuable lesson. always wear a shirt to class, which im sure EVERYONE ELSE learned in first grade but meh it takes people longer to realize things :) thanks for the laugh tee hee

rick.and.kels said...

i just happened to look at your blog today and im so glad i did. that was so funny :)

Ty * April said...

Rachelle, Rachelle, Rachelle. Haven't you learned by now that you need to wear a shirt under your sweatshirt. I am laughing out loud right now. Quite funny. Glad you got to go to the Jazz game. I have been watching them with Grandma the last few nights in 86 degree temperatures.

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Rach I think your embarressing momemt tops mine! :) I love it... I am totally laughing my head off!!! Thanks for brightening my day! :)

l a u r e n said...

HA HA HA!!!! Oh my heck, Rachelle, I don't know if I've ever laughed so hard in my life! You are amazing! Thanks for sharing your funny stories. :)
p.s. and don't mind my stalking your blog now. I can't help it.

kylee said...

you would be in st. george without us knowing! freak we could've had ourselves a party!