May 23, 2010

This moment presented to you by Hallmark

(sorry about the quality, pics are taken by phone of pic.)

Well here I am again, presenting yet another solid dissertation on the validity of my existence. I am back in H-town and living the dream that I once thought dead upon graduation. This is both a good and bad thing. I love playing with the famdam all the time and getting fried like a lobster...ah, the blisters, how I forgot about them. One of my annual summer tasks is to have slumber parties with my g-ma every Wednesday and Thursday nights. We have a gay ol time, me and that rebel Thelma. Sure, the 85 degree household temperatures and blaring tv volume may seem like inevitable misery, but that is where I pop in with a resounding NAY, it does not! Most the time we watch an episode of Touched By an Angel, insanely cheesey but they somehow get me every bloody freakin time (I blame the mind dizzying temperatures). Then we usually watch a Hallmark Hall of Fame flick, full of tales of woe overcome by love and tears. But, there is the rare occasion that I can get g-ma to start talking. This, as in the words of Troy and Gabriella's East High School is 'where amazing happens.' I started looking at old pictures and asking her about them and I experienced a night full of stories andn experiences as told by my grandmother. Honestly, it was priceless. For those of you who know me, I can be a bit of a love critic, espesh with very few happily ever afters these days. But it was thoroughly refreshing to hear about a love that was the real deal, the mush and gush with the real stuff mixed in. And might I say they were a good looking couple, no wonder I'm stopping men dead in their tracks;) (with my looks you smart A siblings, my looks). She told me how they met in 8th grade while my grandpa took all of the girls mudding in his truck (mmm, driving rules were a bit more lax then huh?) and how he was crazy about her since that day. Kinda renewed my faith in the ol love scenario. She told me story after story of her childhood and her and grandpa, I wish SO badly that I would have had a tape recorder.

These, my dear friends are the original toquerville boys!! They've been around this long! For those of you who aren't familiar with the toquerville boys, there is almost always a group of boys-boys who cause trouble and have tons of fun, just the good ol fashioned boys and they are usually called the toquerville boys. Shout out to Kenny, Chase, Charles and the gang, you are but members of a secret aged fraternity. But my grandma said that's what they used to call them too and they held exactly the same reputation. God love em.

Uncle keith, Uncle David and my mommy, before she sold her skin to the indians. I think she looks like Melissa. Weird cause we all look nothing like her now. I love that I didn't get her dark skin, great bod and stellar complexion but I did get her hoof like heels. Genetics play some mean tricks. Not that I don't love my pale skin and curly hair pops....don't be offended.

Gma and her friends by the pool. I love those old suits. Funyny how social they were back then. My grandma told me they had friends over almost every day, people don't do that anymore, kind of a shame. But I'm also of a social nature = my demise.

Cutest pic ever of a relative.
Anyway, wouldn't trade that night for anything. Are you touched? Crying is ok, it's allergy season if insecurity engulfs you.


Melissa Scott said...

Seer, wish i were there. Those pics are priceless.

n.davis said...

cute! loved your hallmark moment...and those toquer boys!!!! awesome. haha.

l a u r e n said...

That's so awesome!! I remember doing that with my grandma one night. I asked her about almost every picture in her house and she told me tons of stories. It's a shame that it's not until we get older that we really learn to appreciate the treasures that our grandparents have and can share with us. (At least in my case it didn't happen until I got older.)

Camila Fuenzalida said...

wow, your G-ma sounds pretty cool. Mine is crazy :) hey just to let you know you LEFT me here in blizzard cold salt lake without sayin goodbye! humpf

Ty * April said...

One of the few times that I have stayed with Grandma we stayed up until 1 a.m. and watched home movies. I actually quite enjoyed that. It was fun to see grandma smile as she was reminicing. And I do have to add. . . I think I was a pretty cute little baby. Especially after all those stinky boys.

Heidi said...

I love all those old stories and I have always loved looking at all the pictures. Thanks for sharing. We do all come from very good stock if I do say so myself, don't we.

Anonymous said...

shelly check your email... that is all.