June 18, 2010

A little piece of my heart

Two posts in one day, I don't have work, it's a beautiful day and Summer's babies are sleeping, hence my only playmates are sleeping. Sad, but entirely true. Anyway, I just wanted to post something a bit more serious and closer to home. This is something I'm very passionate about, so I hope my amateur writing can do my thoughts justice. I know that I have talked about body image before and how vastly important it is to living a happy life, but this is a smidge different. A huge part of my life right now is the fact that I'm in school. Many of you know that I'm going into a Exercise and Sport Science field with an emphasis in nutrition. When I first began my degree I knew it was right for me because I have a passion for being active and had a huge desire to help the 'obesity epidemic.' While I still love being active and learning about the body, I have come to find that my area of interest has shifted a tad. While I do believe our society has a huge problem with weight and physical activity, I have come to realize that, in my opinion, it is less of a 'they're lazy and need a kick in the butt,' as it is that our society has a distinct and debilitating bad relationship with food and overall themselves. I had a class this past semester that has changed my life and it is based off of the book above. It is all about learning to listen to your body and having a good relationship with food. I have realized that while obesity is on the rise, so are eating disorders, and their statistics are beating obesity's by a substantial amount. I want so badly to be apart of a movement that creates a better relationship with food and the outlook on our bodies. I HATE diets, I hate them and I'm sorry if you're currently on one, I wish you luck, but I think they are asinine and the worst invention our insecure society has worked up.There's an obsession with thinness and eating only healthy and it's killing us at almost as fast a rate as obesity If we could just learn to listen to our bodies we would know what our body needs, how much and when. We all have this demon inside of us called 'the food police' that tells us what foods are 'good' and 'bad.' This constant guilt trip we give ourselves is exhausting and entirely stupid. I'll stop my soap box now cause I can tell I'm getting worked up, as I often do when I get on this subject, but if I could seriously get even one person to read these books I know the difference it can make. I am currently not even close to being good at this. I'm new to the whole thing, but once you read it, it is so common sensical it's embarrassing that it's not habit. If you have even a remotely bad relationship with food I beg of you to research the idea of intuitive eating and seriously work on accepting that our bodies know what is best for us....we just need to listen. If anyone has questions on food or exercise I have a passion for this field and would love to help if I can. If I don't know the answer I have amazing resources at my finger tips right now and I would love to find out for you. I hope I don't sound preachy or annoying, I just really think our relationship with food and physical activity is important, and I think there are a lot of voices out there proclaiming falsehoods and building insecurities in beautiful people. I have gained a totally new perspective on body image and my bias's and how I treat food, I hope even these small books can help even in a tiny way.

Just a tad Schizophrenic

AaaaaaallloooooooooooooHA my fellow responsibility avoiders! Let's be honest that that is really what it is we are doing whilst blog stalking/facebooking/'tweetering' as Mateo calls it. I also love when people say 'aloha' in church, espesh when they aren't from the literal islands. My dream is to someday have some returned missionary get up from an exotic location and make everyone say something totally pervy in their language and have everyone say it back. Granted, hopefully they would be the only one in the congregation to speak the language.....not all my dreams are what some may call 'couth.'
Anywho, I digress. Here's just a quick pic update of my time in So.Ute the past few weeks. My sisters have many more pics and much more abilities in the crafty realm, it wouldn't be so unfair if I had got the good voice or fashion forward gene. I've thus been jipped.

This is a pickled bobcat. You think I'm kidding. You would have to. This is a true gem found only at g-ma thelmas. There is a story that goes with it, but honestly I'd rather not say cause it's so much more fun to just post a pickled bobcat. Mateo was pretty speechless when introduced to this beauty. He's somehow still not scared away.....give me time.

Made some jam. I'm an apricot jam junky. I would like some to be put in my arms whilst I lay in my casket. Thank you and please respect my final wishes.

BRINK!!!! oh, yes, the Disney Channel Original Movie made a HUGE impact on me as a youngster. Me and Bub (my adorable cousin Abby) have done some serious blading in our time and can I just say that it is a bit harder of a work out than I remember it being. Blades, my toosh thanks you.

I've been spending A LOT of time with the tinies. Sincerely, it's been A LOT of time. But they like my jokes and value my similar appreciation for playing....all day, I have found my kindred spirits.

My best friend. This crazy gal has been my constant buddy. "SHAELLLL! Where ar you?!!!" I hear that all day. She is crazy but makes you feel like gold every time you walk into the room. Even if you just left for 5 seconds, when you come back in she yells your name and comes running into your arms like you just returned from a full year deployed in Iraq. She plays...hard....all day.


So I am back in the Dirty SL Citay for a few weeks to hang out with my East High peeps. I know what a lot of you are thinking, some tutor you must be Chelle, why are all your kids taking Summer School? and to that I have absolutely no good answers. I like to think of myself as more of a guiding voice than an educational expert;). Naw, it's actually mostly new kids, but I do miss my regular gear up students. So, since they were new they actually treated me like a respected adult for the first 5 minutes....it didn't last, it never does. Here are just a couple of the comments I've received in the first 4 days:

Student: "Are you a senior this year?"

Student: "Do you always do your hair like that?"

Student: "Rachelle, could you talk to the other tutors about telling more jokes?" (They are supposed to be doing quiet reading each day in my class. apparently I talk to much. A new development I think)

And my personal favorite, this takes some setting up:

So, I don't know if I'm the only one outside of a mental institution that does this, but I have endless conversations and 'mind movies' as I call them all day. I have weird, random scenarios playing out in my mind in a constant stream. How do I function? With practice....and very short conversations with the 'normal people.' Anyway, sometimes when these play out I often find myself moving my mouth along with the scenario being played out. I can never tell if this has been happening or if I caught it right as it's happening. This ever present problem lead to this conversation.

Student: "Hey, I think I recognize you from somewhere!"

Me: "Oh, I'm a gear up tutor during the school year, you probably saw me in the library."

Student: "Hahahaha, no, I saw you the other day walking down the street"....(continues laughing hysterically)

Me: "Did I walk like a retarded buffalo or something?"

Student: (upon finally catching her breath) "no, me and my friends laughed our butts off for like an hour after seeing you cause you were having a pretty intense conversation with yourself. We looked for headphones but we couldn't see any. Did you get all your issues worked out?"

The other students quickly join in the laughter.

Me: "mmmm, pretty sure that wasn't me."

I have no doubt that it was me. I bring a lot of unnecessary pain upon myself. This self destructive behavior is easy going to affect my future employment endeavors.