July 7, 2010

My anti-depressants....

Here's just a list of things that are making me smile like a giddy school boy lately.

Farmers Market.

Love everything about it and refuse to ever miss it if I'm in SLC.
It's full of neat people like this:

(yep, he brought those gorgeous ivories here by way of bike.)

Hatch bakery's AMAZING desserts. (Yes, it's the one owned by the little couple)

So I know that these pics are super hard to discern, but let me paint the pic that may, sadly, a bit blurry to you. It is a middle aged, beer-gut ridden male in a womens spandex pink tank top and pink booty work out shorts. Hairy, raw, unabashed beauty. I did feel a smidge awkward cause he easy saw me trying to take 17 pics.

Chalk festival. I hate my lack of artistic talent. Screw 'people skills' or whatever it is they tell you you have if you have no tangible talents.

BBQ with the tiny tots and HUGE marshmallows.

Street performers like this. She was blissfully unpretentious, frizzy haired and beautiful.

Yes I bought her CD.

Happiest little smile over her new pink bike. She told us how it was pink like 42 times. It was pretty adorable how proud she was to show matt. He displayed the expected enthusiasm. Thank goodness

Neat friends like this. Zit control is never taken lightly with us...even if we are leaving the house right that minute. Priorities are priorities

Tons of pics w me and my fellow asian-eyed homie at the infamous 'duck church.' Church would be hard to endure with this amazing park in the backyard

The fact that I'm not having to worry about this right now.

The wonderful reality that I FINALLY got a friend to eat the cheeseburger dog at 7-11. No, I will not claim responsibility for his medical bills.

Cool humans that walk their iguanas.

attempting to copy the MILLIONS of engagment pics always happening around us. So fun to watch all the cute cheesy couples. Crap. we prob are one. But I do LOVE our temp square walks every night.

The fact that I'm going to a modest mouse concert tonight....for free.

That this little boy is back home and in my arms. YES!!!! Sorry guatemala, you weren't ready for this jelly

Oh, and this blog = http://www.colormekatie.blogspot.com/ has been making me pretty happy this afternoon. Check it out. She's neat.

*I hate to sound like one of those people that is supposedly ALWAYS happy and blogging about only the fun things they do, hence making you feel like a weiner, cause what are you doing....sitting on your butt blog stalking. But don't worry, I have a cool life, but I also have down times. I just wanted to put that in there in hopes that this blog makes you a tad happier, not depressed..... Oh the irony of this post


Nat said...

are you guys in love with each other?

l a u r e n said...

I frickin' love you!!! And I sure hope that one of these days (SOON), i will be able to join you for some of this anti-depressing excitement. :)

Melissa Scott said...

Yay! a picture of you and Matt doing some smiling time, no faces!!

kylee said...

was modest mouse insane or what? soooo many people so many moments of near death. all so great.

Anonymous said...

i love that you "decorate" your titles hence exibit A with the finals card. what ....a.....dorkwad. so lenny really is back! can't wait to see her. my life isn't boring by the way, i just happen to CARE about you so much that i check your blog GEEZ make me feel like i have no life, cus i DO have one hahahahhahah

kylee said...

rachelle! i am SOOOO excited for you to go skydiving. ecstatic really. as much as i would love to go with you i surely don't have the money to. where are you skydiving at?