August 3, 2010

Enlightening Cognizance

I usually hate this sort of blog post, but I had a roller coaster ride of emotions yesterday (which makes me think of b*witched. Anyone remember them from Disney Channel's concerts? They were those spunky irish gals? Anyway, I'm going to trim down on my Disney references here in the near future. Scouts honor). Anyway, all I want to say is:

Working in an office = Not for me. I will not complain, but I will say my vigor for school in a major of my choosing has increased 17.9 fold.

Too soon to be counting down to Hawaii for Kip and Alli's nuptials?

I say nay

Bachelorette - I hate you. I now remember why I was a better person when I didn't have television.

Zumba - Despite my my skepticism and qualming ( I might have made that word up) I LOVE you. I went last night in h-town and had gallons of white-girls-trying-to-shake-it, sweating-so-much-my-arms-started-sprouting-unidentified-leafy-green-things, laugh-my-nonexistant-balls-off FUN. Seriously, It's the funnest work out I've had in a while. I totally recommend it. Thanks Bev for taking me.

Saucy pic, eh? Got it off google/images. Creative slash original, I know.


Ty * April said...

You mean you don't like working with me?!? Doing the deposit doesn't get you all sorts of excited? That's why I will say this once... STAY IN SCHOOL! :)
Just think down the road you will be telling your children about how you walked to school in the snow uphills both ways, and this work experience will just be another part of this story.

bethany said...

My baby is literally balling her head off, but I'm going to take the long, drawn out amount of time it takes to write this... I'm really glad that you liked Zumba. I like to envision certain folks while I'm there. Folks who don't have rhythm and look bad working out. Like Leah.

Javan and Heather Bowles said...

The Bachelorette definitely is one of my "secret" pleasures. I have a love hate relationship with that show too. Killer.

I think Zumba sounds amazing. I wish I could find some Zumba friends here in D.C. That would be great! Seriously tho! I would love to Zumba myself into shape.

I love your blog. I am so happy to have found you...okay, you found me. But I am so glad I know your blog exists! Wahoo!

Abigail Slaugh said...

B*WITCHED!!!! "Blame it on the weather man." I think this obsession tops Mary Kate and Ashley. Please tell me Matt has experienced our concerts... I still has Five Recorded on VHS, and know right where it is if you want to borrow it. Lovable ya Chell Zumba isn't the same without ya?

Anonymous said...

COME BACK TO EAST....NOW. senior year is ok the "fun" part hasn't made an appearance yet haha. please come :) im playing varsity in tennis tomorrow.