September 28, 2010


I looooove when people say that in sacrament meeting. Just trickin. My dream, much like martin luther king's, is to someday speak a language that no one in the congregation will likely know and make them say something vulgar and they say it back. of course I'll be the only one getting the joke...but I don't mind.

Well, it's been a while, huh kids? Has it been hard? I find that I have once again joined forces with my inner Satan and taken on my 'journal demons.' While this is not a journal, I find that the same principle applies. Let me explain:

Whenever I get that urge to write in my journal, usually resulting from either an inspirational or flat out terrifying hell/fire/damnation lesson in a religious setting, I start and I find that with myself I am pleased. Yet, as my life somehow does, with no friendly reminders or pertinent warning signs, things just sort of pile up and I find that it has been 3 months since I last wrote. Now while this is no Y2K scare, ***(speaking of remind me to tell you about my awesome idea to have a y2k scare party, I have a lot of good things resulting from that molecular sparkle in my thoughts) it does pose a problem because I find that I don't want to write after the three months cause so much has happened and I feel overwhelmed by the idea of recapping everything. Thus the viscous cycle continues until after a year or two I decide to start anew with refreshed vigor and vim....but the cycle inevitably always repeats itself.

Nevertheless, it is thus with my blogging. So, to prevent myself from this demon of my memoirs, I will just vaguely recap and not care if you can follow along.

Rachelle, Readers Digest Version:

I am in school. I love school. No matter what I say when I am in the library on weekends doing a blasted lab study for a professor with small man syndrome and way too much 49er's memorabilia who refuses to allow anyone to have the right answer, I love school. I love being on campus and I love my majors/minor

Senior and me at our recent trip to the Museum of Natural History. Dinos are neat.

(just trying to spice this up with some pics)

For those of you who don't know, I am an Exercise and Sport Science Major- fitness leadership and also a Journalism major. Oh, and kick in a nutrition minor. I am always curious as to what people are learning in their majors and what classes they are taking. So, I might throw in some fun tid bits of things I am learning that I think are applicable to the general public if it so pleases you. I am particularly in love with my nutrition classes and while they are intense, they are neat.

I am currently registered in the following:
Exercise programming ( a lot of poking and running and measuring)
Exercise programming lab (A LOT of running, poking and measuring)
Sports Nutrition
Soccer - yes, it's vital to my graduation:)
Magazine Writing
Cultural Aspects of Food - this class rocks, all we do is eat food from different countries for 2 hours once a week. Sometimes the big guy upstairs throws ya a freaking bone, if ya know what I mean.

I also got a job. A big boy job. Neat, huh? I work at Reporters Inc. It's a law reporting firm. For those of you who have ever seen me in an office setting this is perhaps allowing a few chuckles to flow freely from your lips.
Stop it.
But it's not too bad, the chicas I work with are stellar and I have only received 3 paper cuts and almost botched huge projects like once. I'm growing up so fast. Don't tear up mother.

I do desperately miss my homies at East High, I hope to make it back there occassionally cause I love those tinies.

There was the Avenues annual street fair this past week and I loved it. Full of hippies and cool home made things. Among these neat things were two gold mines. A-a frog selling shop which made me think of my mother and how her idea had offish been stolen. Sorry linnie, we shouldn't have made fun of you.

U fans are seer crazy fun and a wee bit obsessed. Love em though. Glad to be one

Result of Game.

U of U game, the MUSS (mighty utah student section) is crazy balls. Pardon my language. They are insane nuts. Seer, the games are super fun and it helps that we are winning these days, also that coach whit is seriously attractive.

Me and Senior at the game. He insisted on standing at the very top. We usually make a few crazy friends up there, so I don't blame him, minus the walk would challenge Lance Armstrong's lungs.

Senior got me these the day I moved back up. He shows his knack for sentimentality in the romantic note. The space thing and the burrito thing are a tad inside-joke is the other parts. Dang.

Another find at the Avenues street fair. This dog drooled more than Erica on a camping trip. Seriously, buckets of drool. I wanted it super bad though. I really want a puppy.

So the other neat find at this street fair was this awesome school of rock, legit style. These kids rocked out and were crazy good and 7. I loved it. I tried to upload a video of them...but vulgar words resulted from the attempt. So no video

(love ya eric)

Random myspace pic. Jk. Is myspace still in existence? I'll ask the world wide web in a sec. But mostly I am showing off my newest purchase from the farmers market. I love this lady's jewelry and I finally bought one. Don't ask with what money....I'd rather not discuss my poverty if you don't mind.

My summer consisted of this. This being Meg. She was my best buddy and my constant friend. Plus I wanted to bring that kitten home.
I resisted. Previous experiences told me I should resist.
Meg is now watching her for me. Safe? Probably not. But they both like cat food so I figure the kitty will think she is one of her. Minus that she tries to baptize the kittens. That little missionary.
I miss all the tinies. SUMMER, YOU ARE A COWARD AND CALIFORNIA IS DUMB. Bring those babies back please. Thanks.
OH, shout out to Madi. She got her ears pierced and didn't shed a single tear. I witnessed it. GOOD JOB MADI!

I have been back down to southern utah quite a bit already. Mostly just because of this place. (oh and my family too. mmmph, sorry) Anyway, I love kolob and I am a sucker for that four hour drive if I know I get to go there. Not a shabby scene, eh?


kylee said...

oh heavens rachelle you are the best writer i know. i read every single word on your blog because its pure genius. and because i love you and like to stalk your life via internet. play with me soon? thanks love you bye.

Ty * April said...

How come this just showed up today? I can't believe you aren't coming for conference. Oh well. We have another weekend planned. Come then. To heck with the big boy jobs. They are over rated.
p.s. Hazel is doing great! I think she almost likes us again.

Summer Wilson said...

Kylee's nuts, your writing is all over the place, just like your thoughts. Sad things is, I understood's a great Ballard trait. Stop claiming poverty and come visit awesome California. That's what credit cards are for.

l a u r e n said...

Oh Rash, you're just so funny. I'd point out all of the moments you made me laugh but then I'd have to retype your whole fetching blog and I'm just not going to do that. Just know I love ya and think of you every now and then. It looks like you're having a great time up there in SLC. Wish I coulda been your roomie. :) Call me the next time you come down. I miss your face.

Anonymous said...

If you really do love that Alooha stuff you should really come to my ward. Every single testimony meeting it is a guarantee and they always make us say it twice. "Oh come on you can do better than that". Anyway! I so saved a spot on our city league team for you, so you have to at least play one or two games with us! It is going to be a blast... wouldn't want you to miss it! :) luv ya rach!

Anonymous said...

OMGOSH YOU POSTED A PICTURE OF ME WITHOUT TELLING ME??????? i cant believe this. i flippin miss you too :( :( solution: come back... the end. hahaha no forealz DO IT.