September 28, 2010

New Home

Good bye 477 S. 60 E. Hurricane, Utah.

663 S. 1300 E. Salt Lake City, Utah....I fare thee well.

You were great homes and I did dearly love the time we had together.

But I have found a new home, or should I say it has found me. It found me and chained my typed-out fingers to the soul-wrenching keyboard and hid me from the world of happiness and sunshine I once knew.

Hello library. I hope my residence here is short, but successful.

p.s. Could you please make the bathroom easier to do my nightly rituals in? My toothbrush can't seem to find its niche. Thanks.

Look how happy I am here.... outside, in the sun, with friends, by the water.
So naive.


-Kyle and Emily- said...

I thought you literally moved, and I just sent your invite to you fat boy! Just remember there are children out there that have never ever seen a book in their whole entire puny existence so feel BLESSED. Remember this also you are a coward.

Sara Soda said...

Sun and water... what are these things you speak of?

rick.and.kels said...

yes, vampire weekend was absolutely divine.

here are two links for that necklace, one is sterling silver and the other is oxidized sterling silver

hope that helps :)