October 15, 2010

A Heavenly Spasm

My fall break has consisted of these three things.....seriously, A LOT of these three things. The bunny's name is Mocha and it's the newest member of the Ballard Zoo. It's the calmest of the three. But Meg is a great best friend, and we ARE best friends, for she reminds me hourly.

I have recently been told by a few fellow humans that my blog has been....(the word hurts to say) boring lately. Ouch. Ouch, but a deserved ouch I suppose. Pardon my insensitivity towards the reading public and allow me to share a little experience I had the other night, Wednesday night to be precise.

So, I have a confession. For once I feel legitimate when using that word because it is actually something to do with my spiritual well-being. I digress. Anyway, I, as I have been guided and directed to do since infancy, have prayed night and morning (ok, sometimes the morning one has seen small seasons of hiatus, don't judge) to the Big Guy. This has been one of the few things I have never really faltered in too much. Admittedly, it is probably a lot to do with the fact that I absolutely CANNOT sleep unless I perform my nightly ritual to exactness, wherein my prayers are apart of that ritual. Takes a bit of the 'kudos to chelle's salvation' out of it when you admit it to be a 'task.' Anyway, while I do not struggle with the doing portion, I somewhat struggle with the overall delivery....

I fall asleep when I pray, ok.

I fall asleep often.

This leads nicely into my what would have been solitary embarrassment, but seeing as I'm so prone to share this experiences with the world, here ya go.

(Here's the best pic I currently have to depict the cute little freak.
He recently returned from Paris)

I had stayed up late again, thanks to the return of the ever infamous sleep bandit Elder Michael C. Long. He is responsible for almost every single one of my 'all-nighters' in my life. Oh, welcome home buddy, by the way. But, despite the hour, I knelt by my bed, and began with the best of intentions to have a nice little chit-chat with my dear old Dad.

Well, somewhere amongst those earth-shattering thoughts I was sharing with him, my mind started to wander a tad. It does that frequently, wish someone would have told me about riddelin a loooong time ago. Then, with the wandering came a smooth transition into a dream-filled sleep. I'm not sure what was going down but it was something BIG, cause I had a reason to jolt, VERY intensely. This jolt not only woke me up, but caused me to fling backwards and hit my head quite firmly on the bed post, causing me to knock myself over, hitting my head again on the nearby chair on the way down.

I now have a bruised head and an aching head ache. So I just layed on the floor for a while and giggled. Heavenly Father seriously has a pretty good sense of humor.

Heavenly Father: 1

Pride: 0