November 8, 2010

Weeping.....Various Types and Forms

Weeping 1: School Rape

Wale kids, has it been this long? Really? School not only takes your money but it rapes you of your social networking freedoms and stalking hobbies. The nerve.

Weeping 2: Roids
And with a loss we suffered saturday against TCU (please don't make me recount, lets just say we left early and Senior NEVER leaves early. His little heart was shattered) I'm starting to wonder where all this cash is going....
Oh, but speaking of the game (or spanking) we did have one neat experience, we totally saw a guy get choke-slammed, WWE style over a railing by a cop. Scared the piss out of me but made the game totally worth it. Let it be a lesson to all you young, aspiring small-man-syndrome-humans STEROIDS ARE NOT THE ANSWER. THEY ONLY GET YOU IN TROUBLE AND CAUSE SHRINKAGE AND EMBARRASSING MOMENTS AND PHONE CALLS TO MOMMY TO COME BAIL YOU OUT. See, I'm just helping mold young minds every day, I can't help it.
This years celebration of Hallow's Eve was an eventful one.
Thursday night me and senior attended Erica's bash in Provo. Good times with her and her cousins....jk, eventually some non-related peeps came too. No pics of the eventful night though, sorry.
Friday me, Jo, Judy and senior attended a ward dance party and might I say for a ward dance party it was pretty freakin legit. Yes I am a gang-ster. We danced like mad. If you have never danced w me, judy and jo, you are missing some serious good times. One kid told my friend later that he wanted to dance with us....but he was too scared he'd get hurt. Well kid, survival of the fittest on the dance floor.
Saturday was Jo's party and it was pretty fun too, a lot more dancing and some great costumes.
(me and Fin - treasure troll)

Did we just become best friends?!

As you can see I was a construction worker, damn my orbicularis muscles! I can' whistle and it threw off the whole authenticity of the ensemble. But I made due.

Judy sucks at being sinister

Total Count of How Many Times I Was Asked Either Directly or Indirectly if I Was Intoxicated
On the Dance Floor = 4

Not bad.

Weepie 3: YES PLEASE!

So I finally got to go see The Weepies in concert and I will try not to be too American and over dramatize everything in hopes of filling in for the shortcomings of other aspects of my life....BUT, it was AMAZING! The venue was perfect. Seriously perfect. I have hated every venue in salt lake I have been to as of late, plus SLC peeps have zip concert etiquette. Cowards. But The State Room is the way to go in my opinion.

They were amazing. Seriously the cutest couple I can think of. What a cool life they live too, sure, has its issues, but they seem to love it, hence I love it. But they were better live than they even are on the CD. Think I'm lying? I'm a mormon. I wouldn't.

I got some videos, but they suck. So youtube them, as is customary with this new generation anyway.

(Caitlyn, Brett, Leo)
My phone didn't exactly give me Hansel Adams quality. Sorry

(Me and Leo, 8 years and counting)

Lambs Canyon

A few weeks ago Senior, me and Leo headed out to Lambs Canyon, a small canyon on the way to Park City. I had never been and it has been (until today) beautiful fall weather. It was gorgeous, I was giddy as a school boy the whole time. Leo had a bum ankle, which I will explain later, so she read about Jesus in the car while I dragged senior up the mountain.

I am trying to love snow, so I'm getting excited about potentially snowshoeing this trail. Cross your fingers that my brain is dumb enough to get tricked.....doubt it, I'm crazy smart;)

Pic above is why me and senior hardly take smiling pics. Punch to the pride

We are the cutest boys this side of the Virgin River.

Senior likes to play this stupid, dumb, annoying, incredibly inconvenient, makes-me-mad-cause -I-laugh-game where he likes to put my arms behind my back and put his arms through and pretend they are mine. We have played it, against my will, in many social settings deemed 'inappropriate' and he continues to love it and try to play it often.
Cooking is hell with this game, trust me.

Weepie 4: The story of Lenny and the bootleg day

So, this is leo, lenny, lendra, leah. She and I decided to go for a run up Pinecreek Canyon about a week ago. It was gorgeous by the way. She was having an already somewhat bum day and I was on some sort of estrogen-induced high cause I was on top of the world and soooo happy to be in this beautiful place. You can imagine our dynamics at the time. Oil and water. But she was a trooper and ran with me and listened to my happy rantings until we were literally 5 steps from the car, which lights she had left on. Literally 5 small steps, when she fell and twisted her ankle something awful. It swoll up crazy fast and looked like a small troll on her leg for longer than a week.

But she finally got to use her jazzy! she loves the dumb things. And she was using a cane, borrowed from ol' man Karl upstairs on campus, made me laugh my balls off. I even got video, stealthly, but it didn't upload, so just imagine, it's prob just as good

Weepie 5: It's a blizzard.

New favorite cafe = Cucina in the aves. BEST hot chocolate I've yet had. Do I want one right now in this blizzard? Don't ask questions you already know the answer to.


kylee said...

thank the heavens you blogged. when i get online to see that you have come back from the dead i nearly die from becoming over excited. point is i love when you blog because you are the funniest writer of all time. plus i like when i can stalk your life while sitting in front of my computer. school takes over our lives. i wish for summer. the game was depressing. i knew i should have sold my ticket making me one step closer to becoming a millionaire. i wish i saw you on halloween. i feel as though i could've been a huge asset to your dancing group. when i read about the weepies concert i wanted to cry. i pray they come again. when they do lets go together. and you've convinced me to try that cafe. sounds delish.

-Kyle and Emily- said...

I am such a sucker for good hot chocolate. That hot cocoa reminds me of the "few" I got at Ghiradelli Square in San Fran. Your post made Kyle and I laugh a couple of times, no more than a couple though:)I really like the weepies, any other good bands you are holding out on us. That way next time you need music for your pod we can have the stuff you hactually like

Jessica said...


rick.and.kels said...

ha you are hillarious :)

Anonymous said...

SHELLY!!!!!! this is your deemed commrade veronica from the ever so cool east high. where have you been chica? guess what i found that contract we made last year where you would give me the pink chucks in exchange for the cookies.. HA we never did that. Oh i got a phone btw well i gues WE got a phone haha. check out my new photography blog at! miss you and lenny :( you should come visit some time.