December 8, 2010

Christmas Gizzards

So, I have no Thanksgiv pics or neat new things that have any prevalence to this wonderful season, partly because I never take the pics at family outings...I'm far too busy standing in front of the camera, giving cute little boys hope everywhere that they can someday grow up and look devastatingly good looking. But, huh um, sisters.....I would appreciate some pics so people believe me when I say I have a family. My lack of evidence is starting to look fishy.

Anyway, I do have an experience I would like to share with you all. It begins so beautiful, full of hope and then, without explanation it takes a turn for the terrifying. We shall call it the nightmare before christmas. Copyright? I say nay, the publishing big wigs will never catch me.

So, I hate snow. Harsh, yes, but I really do. I like the occasional snow we would go play in at kolob or the one day in Hurricane it would snow enought to build a snowman, until noon when it would be reduced to midget-dom. But I'm no good at snow boarding or skiing and I haven't found my personal money tree to make it feasible. But, last year I came to find that snowshoeing was delightful. I actually quite enjoyed it. Thus this year I have decided to do it regularly so I can join the freaks and get all giddy when it is a blizzard outside.

So me and lenny rented some shoes and decided to skip a class or two and hit the trails and we were just two happy little guys excited to get some sore muscles and see some of God's cool art when we saw


Sorry if you can't see it very well, wish I could zoom it for ya. But it is guts. A huge pile of intestines, spleen, heart, liver, you know, all the good stuff they let you play with in anatomy lab. How I miss being able to play with livers......anyway, it was a titch scary but nothing to deter me in my "love snow" mission. That is, until I saw the huge, bloody paw next to these guts. Not sure if it's the big cat's guts or the prey of the big cat's guts. I'm a tad embarrassed to say I wanted to keep going, but the ever practical Lenny decided we should turn around and not ruin the pretty white stuff with our gizzards as well. We walked our little tooshies outta there as fast as our oversized shoes would let us, imagining only the most implausible scenarios to occur. It didn't help that the trail of blood followed us all the way to our car.
Looks like me and snow will just have to agree to disagree on a mutual friendship. I will not give in this easy though, Me and snow will be wearing ying yang bff bracelets before st. patty's day!!

Oh, and I did a school project about body image and I used this pic and it made me smile literally all day. So, here is my christmas card to the rest of you, allow George Castanza to adorn your fridge and christmas tree and fill your season with joy, love, and hair...lots of body hair.


kylee said...

the fact that you used that picture in a school project makes me giddy. best show ever. you better be getting an A on that project. miss you dearly my friend. lets plan a run in asap.

-Kyle and Emily- said...

that is what our walls are missing a nice picture of George

Anonymous said...

eww shelly i cant BELIEVE you put that picture on the interweb.. its gross. im talking about the gutts one haha the george one is hilarious :)HEY you should give me yours and lenny's address so that i can mail you mine and camilas yearly xmas card.. no burnt cookies i promise

Lisa and Devin Graff said...

Rach!!! Let me just say that i LOVE reading your blog. To say the least i laugh my head off everytime:) You need to blog more!...this once a month stuff isn't cutting it!