December 11, 2010

Come Together

I am here to ask a favor. A plea in the name of fitness (and apparently the Beatles, by the looks of the title. Cool that we can now, seeing as Beatles downloads on itunes are now possible). Here's the thing, I am teaching a couple of fitness classes next semester. GASP! I wish I had a better onomatopoeia for that, but I can't think of one. In order to graduate in my chosen field the department uses and abuses us and forces us to give free fitness classes to University employees. In all honesty I am not bugged at all, I'm actually quite excited. Mmmm, pardon, I WAS excited, that is until I found out one of the classes I have to teach is a spin class....two spin classes. I am crazy nervous. I suck at spin. False, I look semi handi-dis-capable when I am in a spin class. They kick my butt and actually cause my sweat glands to bear their ever-sparing fruits, (I never sweat, it's a bummer, I like it when I do, makes me feel like I'm working hard and makes other people believe it as well).

Anyway, to the point, at last: I have no music. My computer, no offense pappa who lovingly purchased it for me, is a P.O.S (abbreviated for piece of ****) and keeps crashing, so I've stopped putting my music on it. So, here is my dilemma, the best spin classes, in my opinions begin and end with music selection. So, I am here, on my knees, begging you please (april, that was my shout out to your boys Boyz II Men...or is it All4One? They're all the same) help me. I am asking for you to share with me your favorite songs, the ones that get you moving, your 'go-to's' on your run or at the gym. The ones that help you clean the house with a titch of a better attitude. Ya know? Those songs. Anyway, I would love to get a good variety and possibly learn of some good diddys I didn't know about before.

So, with this final plea I ask for your help, dear cyber comrades. Plus, kind of fun to see what people listen to, right?


Sara Soda said...

I feel dirty even saying this... but Kesha totally pumps me up. So does Cascada.
So does Disturbed.

I don’t know how my brain can even like both of those groups at the same time, but there you have it. No judging.

-Kyle and Emily- said...

you have got to have a black eyed peas song on there. I think every spin class i have gone to has one. What was that song the lady at the wash rec center played that we loved? It was short but she kicked our trash during it!

kylee said...

i beg you to use push it by salt & pepper.
i would also suggest the sounds. because i love them. and they make me dance like crazy when in the car.
ooh la la by goldfrapp.
whenever shake it by metro station comes on i love my life and need to move.

kolobflyfishing said...

Use original songs. The few classes I went to the teachers all used meathead songs and they were just that meatheads. Feel the pressure as if I your musical intelligence was there. I hate to say it kesha is a good one and salt and pepper. However, if you put disturbed, metallica, def leppard, etc. on the mix I will haunt your dreams. If you need to learn how to steal music offline let me know its quick and painless. Put some un expecteds on there like 4 year strong(i like the remix album like new found glory does, new found glory(my friends over you), senses fails(any song, blue dress), escape the fate( not good enough for truth and cliche, Situations), anything semi screamo, punk is good. I will keep thinking for you, but so help me if you put eye of the tiger on there or something like that I will cut your achilles, so if you want to spin anymore think twice about what you play.

kolobflyfishing said...

Some good rap is good too, but remember your white, so if you use any rap you have to use an Eminem song. I like "Just lose it".

A good slow down song could be Dixie Chicks, Wide open spaces, chicks like that kind of thing.

Easy E, Only if you want it,
Dynamite Hack, boys in the hood
Meatloaf, bat out of hell, short version
Alien Ant Farm, Movies
As Fast As
Authority Zero, one more minute
Beastie Boys, Sabotage
The Beatnuts, No escaping this
LOL, The darkness, I believe in a thing called love.
Dexy and Midnight Riders, Come on Eileen.
Scary kids scaring kids
Ting Tings,
LOL, you have to put Queen, Bicycles on there and immediately play Fat bottomed girls after that. lmao.
ATtack, Attack, SExual Man Chocolate

More late, gotta go

This has always been my dream.

Juje said...

"You are a runner and I am my father's son" -Wolf Parade

"Flux" -Bloc Party

Anything by Muse

"Crazy Train" -Ozzy

Jessica Adams said...

Hey lady. This has nothing to do with this post, but since you asked... we're supposed to meet in our classroom at 3:30 tomorrow. :) See you then!

Jessica Adams said...

strike that. i just remembered that i think we're supposed to be there at 3. the other class is coming at 3:30. i think...gah!!

Kyle, Chelsi, Whitli and Weston said...

Hey just found your blog! It's been a long time... I love taking my spin class (I kicks my butt too). I think my very favorite class was when we celebrate the new season of "GLEE" and did just glee songs. I'm not a huge fan of Glee but I loved spinning to some of the songs. Good luck I'm sure you will do great!

Chelsi (Wade) Adams

Fiti said...

Rachelle? Rachelle Ballard? So I just found your blog while I was stalking someones blog and even though I'm too lazy to read other peoples posts I actually read yours. and home girl your are still funny. Anyway I don't like to work out so I don't have any suggestions I just wanted to say HI!

Fiti said...

So I don't know if you'd know that I commented back if I left a comment on my blog. I'm a blogspot retard. So I'm pretty surprised that you remembered my name cause its a novel. And I really wanted to let myself go after having a kid but then I realized I was way to vain to do that, so I take time away from my baby to curl my hair. No, just kidding I give her to the husband. Anyways, I live in Spanish Fork. Where do you live? I hope its close to me then maybe I'll try your fitness class!