January 27, 2011


So, I was thinking, it's been a while since I've shared some of my cuter daily moments with you all. Hence, as a result of my constant pull for more humility in my character. I'm a slave to my own destruction I tell ya.


It was just another Monday in my indoor cycling class. My hard core, physically fit ladies were there, kickin my trash and eyes filled with nazi-like intensity. All of a sudden, while jamming to Eminem/Rihanna tune we hear
"She f&$!@#$ hates me!"


All of the sudden that auschwitz-guard focus leaves and these renown professors and 'Godfathers' of the University look up at me in horror.
Not two minutes later we hear,
"If she ever tries to f@#!$%^ leave again..."

I'm mortified.

New song, Kerri Hilson new hit "Knock You Down."

"You listen to that (bleep)"

My face is so red and stuttering starts to happen, "I'm SOOOOOOO sorry guys."

Let me explain myself. I spent quite a bit of time on these cycling playlists. Understatement. I spent annoying amounts of hours coming up with the right songs to the work outs. When I made this play list I got all my songs and then I downloaded the clean, primary-chorister (shout out to lirpa) version of these songs. I THOUGHT I put the new, University approved playlist on the ol pod....apparently I went ahead and thought wrong. So, the problema is that a lot of the songs that are phenom for spinning usually drop the occasional Scholzen word (S, D and H), which is nothing too damning, but it happens to be a tad more problematic and obvious in the spin room. I am not only listening to booty-clappin, gangsta 'gin and juice' tunes, scouts honor.

Thus, every other song would drop one or two words, minus my wholesome buddies U2, Coldplay and Will-I-am. God bless em.

So I spent a lot of time apologizing, spastically laughing really hard, and turning a beautiful shade of crimson for extended periods of time. Their eyes never ceased to get big and shocked whenever it would happen.

On a slightly cheerier, more wholesome note, here is a shout out to Althea, that crazy cat whom I dig and also to Hawaii, something I also dig...very much. Only 20 days left!!!

January 11, 2011


So, I have zilch excuses for my extended absence. But thus I have begun my hardest semester to date as of yesterday, 1-10-11. I have sold my soul to the dollar-eating, time-gulping ogre dressed in Ute red.. But, I had a great break, full of tinies, great parental doting, and.....oh wait, what is it that normally follows when I discuss going to southern Utah...? Oh yeah, the phenomenal weather. Well, sucks the weather was sucky balls, huh? I froze my non-existent gonads off. I forgive you Hurricane, but snow? Really? On my break?

I also don't have too many pics, or good ones. I always let the sisters take all the pics and then I always forget to steal them. Blasted wretch. But just make them invite you to their annoyingly private blogs and you can see cute glimpses of me occasionally.

Anywho, I am going in reverse order here. So, I am going to a Jazz game tomorrow!! Thank you senior and thank you Jesus for the celebration of your birth that equates in me receiving great things, pertaining but not specified to Jazz tickets. But, we did get some lovely $5 nose bleeds for the game against...(can't remember). It was great fun, Judy and BJD (Bradley James Herrara) came and it was pretty funny seeing Judy, sweet Judy explain the game and such to BJD. I love that freak, Judy, but BJD is neat too.

Judy attempting to be mad at the refs, or someone, she wasn't sure who she was supposed to be mad at.
Can't you just smell the sweat this close to the action? We couldn't either

Speaking of getting close to the action, as per usual Lee tried to sneak closer, which she succeeded in, initially. But, as brett bradley, BJD and Judy tried to follow her to the coveted 11th row a guard saw their nervousness and hurriedly escorted them back to the 10945th row. Soooo funny. Lee was pissed the rest of the game. She blames Judy, naturally.

Here we have my Christmas break. Meg, tons of her. She was my sidekick the whole time. I have a couple winner photos of this freak. Yes, she is showing crack in most of them. Here she is giving her best rendition of 'hanna tanna.' I hear topless concerts are all the rage these days.

Oh, well lookie who it is. Just me giving ya my cameo. OH!!! did I mention I got a new computer!!!!??? He's beautiful, polite, chivalrous and doesn't dose off when I'm telling it all my stories and feeding it my homework. I have named him Mumford. I hope this is a long, fruitful relationship. I'm now a MAC gal. I feel so trendy and poetic already. I can go to hip cafes in SLC and blog about political issues and feel legit. Too bad I don't drink the trendy coffee drinks. I guess it's not my time to fit in. Someday....

How cute is linnie. I thought she looked like such a cute grammy here.
My mother is great. She is the MOST selfless person I know. She is even funny occasionally, don't tell her I said. She will be insufferable for Bruce.
*Funny side note: (technically this whole thing is random side notes, but whatev) Linnie learned what 'narcissistic meant, well thought she learned, and called every person that did anything she didn't like a narcissist. No matter their crime, narcissism was the culprit.

The flooding was crazy. I know I shouldn't, but I do love a good flooding every now and again. Sorry all you peeps who lost some serious christmas cheer over losing your house in the river. I just can't help myself. Plus it gives all those siblings of mine some solid work, so 'don hate it!'

Oh that? That's just meg reading the National Geographic in her underwear and rollerblades. I, of course was joining her in my similar get up, but I just escaped the photo. Damn.

I got to finally play with my bff Eric boy. I love those shields. They make me chuckle, and even better they like my jokes. God love em. Erica is doing crazy good on her track team at BYU currently, FYI. So go watch if you're in the hood and don't mind being surrounded by a million flawless bodies who think you are scum in your jeans and flabby calves. Also there's the inevitable boredom watching the mile run waiting to watch her do her stuff. Other than that the track meets are neat. JK, I actually like em....and the flawless bodies.

One more tid bit. Remember how I'm teaching stuff this semester? I'm teaching indoor cycling, weight lifting and personal training. I'm nervous but sufficiently excited. So, if it interests anyone, I was thinking I would be willing to post the work outs I write up for class on this here blog if anyone would like some additional work out tips or lay outs. Good idea? Or did you slightly vomit through your nose. That hurts when it happens. But let me know, I'd love to hear feedback and such from my work outs and see if you like/hate them so I may improve upon my shhhkills.

I am excited about school, but I am already soooo tired from being on campus from 6 am to 6 pm. Disgusting. Besides teaching I am also taking
Womens Nutrition and Health (super excited about this one)
Advanced Human Nutrition
ESS 4800 (teaching class)
Aging and Exercise
Training and Planning - did my teacher make fun of me the entire period? PSSHH why would he? Yes, yes he did. Did I walk into the wrong classroom and sit in the the teachers literal chair accidentally on my way to this class? Yes, yes I did.