January 27, 2011


So, I was thinking, it's been a while since I've shared some of my cuter daily moments with you all. Hence, as a result of my constant pull for more humility in my character. I'm a slave to my own destruction I tell ya.


It was just another Monday in my indoor cycling class. My hard core, physically fit ladies were there, kickin my trash and eyes filled with nazi-like intensity. All of a sudden, while jamming to Eminem/Rihanna tune we hear
"She f&$!@#$ hates me!"


All of the sudden that auschwitz-guard focus leaves and these renown professors and 'Godfathers' of the University look up at me in horror.
Not two minutes later we hear,
"If she ever tries to f@#!$%^ leave again..."

I'm mortified.

New song, Kerri Hilson new hit "Knock You Down."

"You listen to that (bleep)"

My face is so red and stuttering starts to happen, "I'm SOOOOOOO sorry guys."

Let me explain myself. I spent quite a bit of time on these cycling playlists. Understatement. I spent annoying amounts of hours coming up with the right songs to the work outs. When I made this play list I got all my songs and then I downloaded the clean, primary-chorister (shout out to lirpa) version of these songs. I THOUGHT I put the new, University approved playlist on the ol pod....apparently I went ahead and thought wrong. So, the problema is that a lot of the songs that are phenom for spinning usually drop the occasional Scholzen word (S, D and H), which is nothing too damning, but it happens to be a tad more problematic and obvious in the spin room. I am not only listening to booty-clappin, gangsta 'gin and juice' tunes, scouts honor.

Thus, every other song would drop one or two words, minus my wholesome buddies U2, Coldplay and Will-I-am. God bless em.

So I spent a lot of time apologizing, spastically laughing really hard, and turning a beautiful shade of crimson for extended periods of time. Their eyes never ceased to get big and shocked whenever it would happen.

On a slightly cheerier, more wholesome note, here is a shout out to Althea, that crazy cat whom I dig and also to Hawaii, something I also dig...very much. Only 20 days left!!!


-Kyle and Emily- said...

so play some sweet nickelback and disturbed or something awesome like that. pick my playlist and youll be set.

Lisa and Devin Graff said...

For some reason i have a hard time believing that you "accidentally" Put the dirty version on that c.d.:) I mean lets be honest if i was in there i would be dropping the D,S,H,...and maybe even F, the entire time:) haha I love reading your posts! miss ya, and i hope you are doing good.