March 31, 2011 my friends Sublime would say "You've seen better days"

It was kind of a rough night.

Some kid, only a month post sweet 16 bday, thought he could turn left in front of on-coming traffic. Bless his heart. I wanted to be so sweet to him, cause when I smashed betty's grill last time it was my fault and the people were so nice to me I'm sure they've been translated.

No one was hurt, minus tiny tot's pride, naturally.
I'm mostly just sad because I love ol Betty, she has outfitted some of the best times of my life. Including but not limited to:
  • The stop-sign game (so many good dance moves from people you would not expect)
  • Car dancing in general....I really have been upping the ante on that lately, sad my progress will be cut short
  • Vocal practice (usually by myself. Another unabashed practice, fun for fellow drivers)
  • Many a late night drive
  • Many a late night chat (usually with Mike, we did so much talking about sooooo little)
  • Many a late night car chase after doing dumb pranks
  • Literally saying, "I bet it's in my car" prob 90 times a day
  • Too many trips out south that poor ol Betty was never meant to handle but braved beautifully
  • My first kiss
  • Many a solid bawl-my-eyes-out-snot-flying-freely episodes
  • Shoving the equivalent of four polygamist families in that max 5 seatbelt donned vehicle
I could go on and on, but I have just had so many good things happen with and because of that trusty lil gal. I'll miss her.
RIP and God Bless.

Funeral arrangements are being processed. Stay tuned for details.

Also check Chelsea Stout's blog for my most recent adventures. She has the pics....and the motivation.

March 16, 2011

sorta freakin me out

Just signed up for my last classes till I graduate.....I'm feeling a tad weird slash excited....slash mostly weird.

ESS 4810 - Supervised Internship
pretty excited about this one

ETHNC 2500 - Intro To Ethnic Studies
NUTR 4440 - Adv Human Nutrition
could be cool if it wasn't online.
You are all officially invited to see me in my cap and gown come end of Summer 2011 semester. I'm bound to throw a phenomenal party:)

March 9, 2011

You Run Like a Possessed Duck

Hey there comrades!! Here I am again on my own, going down the only road I've ever known! As a drifter I was born to walk alone.....Yep, that little kareoke moment via the keyboard just happened. You can thank Whitesnake and the 80's for allowing a band like Whitesnake to A - be called Whitesnake, and B- for making it big. Which makes me also reminisce about today's spin class where zero, that's right, zilch students showed. At first I was sad, and then I realized that I would not sulk! Nay, I would spin on, as my good friend who had testicular cancer once said (I think our sorrows are comparable). So, I put on my playlist and I biked my heart out....and sung so loudly that a few people stopped and looked in the room. It was a really good playlist, you understand.

So I have quite a bit to update you on. Because I am a tad tired and a tad computer iliterate, I put the pictures from newest to oldest...this was not my intention. Spin on readers, spin on.

So as current as possible is pictured below:
I am currently at the libe, studying and feeling sorry for myself.
Let me explain.
Today, while interning at the strength and conditioning room I decided to go for a quick run before the baseball players showed up. Jon, the S/C coach began laughing. I assumed it was because I throw in the occasional dance move while I run depending on the song.
He told me that I run like a possessed duck.
Him and my other intern Brad started analyzing my run and gait pattern. Jon told me I could come in for lessons if I wanted.
I did not feel consoled.
After, I played a quick game of racquetball with senior and I got my butt kicked. I hate fessing up to that, he is so annoying when he wins, and even more annoying when he loses.
So right now I am feeling very uncoordinated and nonathletic.
Farewell 3-sport athlete, your high school days are over, welcome to osteoporosis and mind degeneration.

But thus, I spin on

So, lately I have decided to be the mother that I miss so terribly here in SLC. The past few Sundays Senior and myself have made some amazing meals. I made my first roast (turned out pretty phenomenal, minus the whole roast part, the veggies and juice was divine). This past Sunday we made our own little creation of tomato soup. It was seriously SOOOO good. I'll give you the recipe if you ask, seer it was flippin good.

I'm not exactly a food photographer, so pardon the unappetizing photo, just trust me, it was good. Oh, and if you make it the savory loaf from Great Harvest is a must to go with it.

I love when people I really like are just around, like Luke and Judy. Luke is the nicest person and most talented person on the planet. If he asks me to marry him, I'll prob say yes, or at least I will adopt him as my son/brother/uncle, whatever.

Matt is a cholo. Cute.
We went to a yoga/meditation class taught by a fellow I met in the sauna. I told you I meet the most interesting people there. The other day I was in there and there was a person from Israel, Bulgaria, Spain and Brazil. I feel so cultured.
Anyway, my new friend philip gives an awesome yoga/breathing/meditation class. He is super smart and pretty enlightened, I think. The first class is free and it's donations after that, so if you are interested I will give ya the info, or look him up on FB, it's
And thank you for watching QVC

Hawaii....need I seriously say more?
It was an amazing trip and I miss it already. Tys....ready to get hitched? In Kauai maybe? lets make it 3 out of 3 for the brothers.

Anyway, I don't take any photos, cause my sisters are usually on top of it. But the problem is when it comes to blogging life is rough.

The pic above is the pathway from the Kauai house to the beach 2 minutes away, you feel like you are on the safari cruise in Disneyland.

Bruce and Linnie contemplating buying a rental house in Kauai that I could keep for them.....

If you would like a more detailed day-to-day synopsis of our trip I recommend visiting kyle and emily's blog. She did a phenom job of documenting our trip whilst we were there. Gotta love her.

My henna. Something to consider permanently...? jk mommy, jk

This is the house we have stayed at in Kauai both times we went. I now feel like it's my house. I love it there.
Some of the highlights of the trip were:
  • Dancing at the wedding
  • Food at the bbq
  • Meeting kip and ali's funny friends
  • Searching for turtles with sisters while Mary Lu makes us pee our pants with her general perverseness and humor
  • Reading a non-text book (even if I didn't finish it)
  • Mine and Bub's runs in the warmth
  • Early morning sea shell and crab hunting
  • FINALLY scuba diving in the ocean!
  • Parasailing and getting dipped with dolphins!!
  • Watching tinies go berserk with their cousins
  • Beating Adam in tennis (so what if he used a 1920's racket and played in flip flops)
  • Sleeping....ah, how I miss it
  • Body boarding
  • swimming with turtles
  • again, amazing food
  • neat boutiques in hanalei
  • Bubba's burgers
  • Horse riding through the mountains to a waterfall with Madi
  • Seeing Weird Al on my plane and the surfer chick who got her arm bitten off by a shark. I felt so consumed with famous people ;)
Basically I could go on and I will limit myself. All in all it was a huge success and SOOO fun to finally be with my entire family in the same place at once. Rare, but super neat. Us Ballards should do that more often, we are a fun clan.

My Birthday = A HUGE SUCCESS!

I prob always say this, but I had the best bday I have ever had this year. I went to school as usual and went to my internship, bla bla bla. But when I got home Senior and I went to Taco Tuesday and Megan and Josh's and they made me a banner, brownies and gave me a crown. Once again, no pics. I suck, sue me.
We had great food and played with cute JP, their son.
I then came home and Senior gave me the bar-none the
best present ever


Oh my gosh it's beautiful and I love it and I have used it every day. I love rice and steamed veggies more than most sacred things on this planet and Senior will go straight to C-kingdom for that gift.

To top it off, when I got home guess who was there to surprise me?

My two BFF's dykal and Erica. I was so happy I screamed and jumped like those ladies that win something on Oprah or Ellen. So, that night I had mike, erica, matt, leah, judy and luke all in my home, all talking, dancing and having a gay ol time. I nearly bawled every 5 minutes I was so happy.

I make everyone drink echinacea tea with cayenne when they feel like they are getting sick. It tastes a tad like butthole, but it works every time. And no, I do not literally know what butt hole tastes like.

Can I just say I love my fitness classes? My fellow peers who teach are always telling me their tales of woe and pain-in-the-ars-ness of their classes. I have the sweetest people in mine. Bill, a 70-something retired doctor in my weight training class made me his famous cookies for my bday. He also gave me some of his homemade chapstick, which is way good fyi. Another student brought me ice cream....yep, she is a saint. I must be upping their endorphins or something because they are all WAY too nice.

That's a solid little update, eh?