March 31, 2011 my friends Sublime would say "You've seen better days"

It was kind of a rough night.

Some kid, only a month post sweet 16 bday, thought he could turn left in front of on-coming traffic. Bless his heart. I wanted to be so sweet to him, cause when I smashed betty's grill last time it was my fault and the people were so nice to me I'm sure they've been translated.

No one was hurt, minus tiny tot's pride, naturally.
I'm mostly just sad because I love ol Betty, she has outfitted some of the best times of my life. Including but not limited to:
  • The stop-sign game (so many good dance moves from people you would not expect)
  • Car dancing in general....I really have been upping the ante on that lately, sad my progress will be cut short
  • Vocal practice (usually by myself. Another unabashed practice, fun for fellow drivers)
  • Many a late night drive
  • Many a late night chat (usually with Mike, we did so much talking about sooooo little)
  • Many a late night car chase after doing dumb pranks
  • Literally saying, "I bet it's in my car" prob 90 times a day
  • Too many trips out south that poor ol Betty was never meant to handle but braved beautifully
  • My first kiss
  • Many a solid bawl-my-eyes-out-snot-flying-freely episodes
  • Shoving the equivalent of four polygamist families in that max 5 seatbelt donned vehicle
I could go on and on, but I have just had so many good things happen with and because of that trusty lil gal. I'll miss her.
RIP and God Bless.

Funeral arrangements are being processed. Stay tuned for details.

Also check Chelsea Stout's blog for my most recent adventures. She has the pics....and the motivation.


Chelsea said...

I seriously can't believe your car is a goner. And can't believe I'm the first to post. You usually have many-a-comments. Invite me to the funeral of your sweet friend? much appreciated.

mammasweet said...

Rash, how interesting that you have to say good-bye to your car the same week I have to say good-bye to my car:-)

kylee said...

rachelle can we be friends and play soon. I'd probably be the happiest.!

Ty * April said...

You know I think I handed that car down in great running condition. Now look where it has gone to...twice. :) Glad you guys are okay.

Anonymous said...

OH MY BAJEEZES THIS IS SOO HILARIOUS!!!!! i mean im sorry bout betty but shelly this post made me laugh soo hard!