March 16, 2011

sorta freakin me out

Just signed up for my last classes till I graduate.....I'm feeling a tad weird slash excited....slash mostly weird.

ESS 4810 - Supervised Internship
pretty excited about this one

ETHNC 2500 - Intro To Ethnic Studies
NUTR 4440 - Adv Human Nutrition
could be cool if it wasn't online.
You are all officially invited to see me in my cap and gown come end of Summer 2011 semester. I'm bound to throw a phenomenal party:)


Ty * April said...

Yaaaah! Tells us when and where and we will be there with (cow)bells on. That's awesome. So close you can taste it.

Summer said...

Who ever thought this would happen, and not pregnant. Another miracle. Anywho, I have a bone to pick with you. How come you ALWAYS comment on April and Emily's blog, but I rarely to never see a comment on mine. Just remember who housed and fed you for a year. Hum, Hum.