April 20, 2011

Leonard Lindsey Makes Her Debut

Hey there friends. So I will update with info and pics another day...or maybe I won't, I'm feeling utterly defunked on the whole documenting-my-existence sphere these days. However, one must put all woe-is-me's aside for the cause of something greater, something better, and always for something tastier. This, while not being edible will be a feast, I assure you.
For Leah Triggets Wilson is performing
April 28th (Thursday) in the year two thousand and eleven in the year of our lord.
This will be taking place in the downtown library of this states capitol city.
Our dear friend Luke Williams (whom you may listen to slash research via his blog on the right) is also performing. He is seriously amazing. He plays instruments I've never heard of and makes them sound beautiful. Plus he's just neat and insanely likable.

Look at how he captures his easily won crowd:)

Also performing is Gavin Fellar and his dear wife (my former roommate) Barbara. Remember her from the treehouse days? I'm pretty much in love with these two. It's slightly weird because Gavin bares a slight resemblence to a high school version of dear Brucey boy.
Pics of them soon to come
Seer, the fire headed fro bruce resemblance is nuts


Camila Fuenzalida said...
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Camila Fuenzalida said...

Dang it! I'm gonna be In Cali that day! aghh why thrusday why not wednesday then I'd totally come!! :( I'm sure she"ll be great! oh and your other friends as well of course :) Hey! you should FILM IT! then we all can see her amazing talent! Eh? EH?

(sorry the comment that was delted was mine I realized I put my name wrong on my blog hah!)

kylee said...

dearest rachelle.
miss you terribly. jess did in fact tell me that the three of us are going to get together soon. i pray it really happens. and must happen soon. before she leaves. yes she's moving. tear jerking news i know. i officially want to join your hiking junkie squad. as long as you don't make fun of my slowness or need to take pictures that is. it's fine though you can totally walk ahead of me. i promise i'll make it eventually. even if it's an hour later after you. love you much.

kylee said...

I way wanted to go to this. but i had to work it was sad. lets do something soon. can i invite myself along on the ky5 and jess date?

-Kyle and Emily- said...

I watched some of it on youtube:) I liked Dragon Girl lots;)