May 15, 2011

beautiful days

I have had three days of freedom. The literal do-what-I-want/constantly reminding myself I don't have homework I 'should' be doing kind of freedom. It has been surreal and amazing. I mean I have been working, but that doesn't count. Plus, my job isn't too hard, we eat amazing food and the gals are neat....maybe I shouldn't admit all those thangs, cause if ever I want to bawl about my big-girl miseries you kids will call me out for the fraud that I am. Disclaimer: I will always have a hard time working as a result of the at least 6 ideas constantly running through my head that would be insanely fun for peeps. Seriously, always. Does everyone have that syndrome?

Thus I digress. But I have read three books this week and it has been seriously marvelous. But better than that I have hung out with Jessica Judy Gilmore (I'll write more about that later, I love that gal and will bawl if I write about her leaving right now) and listening to phenomenal music while taking absurdly long walks through the city.

I mostly thank the two Kylees (Ky5 and Kylee Gub for always posting good tunes for me to steal and fall in love with.

Here's some that have given me that slight, euphoric smile as I trapse through the city in full spring time bloom.

Next to Me - Sleeping at Last
Welcome Home - Radical Face
Take Care - Beach House
The Story - Brandi Carlile
The Girl from North Country - Bob Dylan
Older Brother - Peter Rabbit
Stay or Leave - Dave Matthews Band
Mary Jane Shoes - Fergie (not a joke)
Grown Ocean - Fleet Foxes
( - coolest video)
Speak Well of Me - Weepies
Behind the Sea - Panic at the Disco
Heartbeats - Jose Gonzalez
Back Down South - Kings of Leon
One Voice - The Wailin Jennys
April Come She Will - Simon and Garfunkel

And lastly I think this gal is the neatest thing ever. She has been the newest source of inspiration for spontaneous dance parties in the basement.


kylee said...

comment queen is back.
three books in one week? i vow to accomplish such a feat. every time i post new tunes i think to myself, rachelle will love me for this. i will forever continue to post them just so you can reap the benefits.

Summer said...

can't wait to see your ugly mug in a couple days. you were planning on sleeping at marv's right?!

pro said...

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Fiti said...

Rachelle! I live in Sandy. How do you like slc? We do need to catch up. I need to know if your still obsessed with that ugly guy Iverson or that hot guy Tyson Beckford. I just want to know if you still have jungle fever.

kylee said...

RACHELLE ... we suck at hanging out. we have to make this happen ASSSAAAP