May 11, 2011

An Ode to Michael Scott.....A True Hero (and other tidbits regarding my life)

Well, here we meet again at this cyber dinner table, ready to feast upon the words that are my life, right? So, as assumed with any biped creature with any ounce of free thinking, where time as passed, things will happen and change. Thus, things have happened and changed in the past month or so. I have a butt-load (yep, butt-load is a word, I'm really starting to study for the vocab section of the GRE, I think I've got good chances), of pics to share. Seriously so many good ones of lees concert, friends, cool peeps I taught, etc. But they are currently on someone else's camera and that camera happens to be in sorry about the lack of photo and overcompensation of words.

But, thanks to Eli Daniel Wilson via Chelsea Stout's facebook login info (thanks chels) I have stolen the following photos from Leah's concert!

The concert was amazing. It has kind of turned into one of those things when after we all sat back and said..."that was actually pretty great." And when we got home it turned into, "Ya know, I can't believe how amazing everyone sounded! Like that was better than we all planned." And a few days later got to, "That was seriously the funnest night we have ever had since living here!" So who is to say how pivotal the night really was, but it doesn't matter anymore, according to
our very persuasive memory it was and will remain one of the best nights EVER!
Leah did so great. She even had a cold and was
panicked all day, but she did amazing.

Cowboys Aren't Indians. PHENOMENAL! Honestly, I have been singing two of their songs everyday since. The two lead singers are my good friend Barbara and her husband Gavin. The coolest couple evs. They are moving to Florida and this was their farewell show. I'm pretty glad I got to be a part of it.

Luke Williams, who you've possibly heard mention, sounded his very best. I have heard him at a couple of different shows, and I don't know what it was, but he has never sounded better. He chose his songs perfectly and captured the crowd wholly. Eli didn't video his song To Louis, and The World is Over, but it gave me chills and I have made him play it an exhausting amount since. He really is one of the coolest things I've discovered here in SLC.
(It was recently his bday and I made him one of my famous middle-school flashback candy bar posters. I'm hoping it will bind this friendship for life, whether it be from obligation or me being an insanely gifted stalker....we don't know, or care).

Leah and the gang literally never practiced this song and busted it out like they were Zeppelin or something. It was great. Particularly Judy's little frantic piano solo.

Enjoy the videos! (again thanks to Eli, solid brother)



Cowboys Aren't Indians:

(sorry, videos don't upload on my blog for some reason. I slightly senile for technically being a part of a computer generation, but I have had other savvy humans try and they too failed, so bite me Zuckerburg).

On to other news:

I have completed another semester of school!
I have but one more until I am graduated....weird? I say yes
Annoying tidbit: Did you know universities only do commencement once a year? So if you wanna get your tears and yucky gown on and flaunt your wisdom for friends and family in a formal setting, you better hope you are done in May. Cause if not, you are walking either not graduated yet....which to me is a little bit of a joke, or you wait for a semester or two after you are already done with classes to re-live the actual excitement of completing. Dumb. Nevertheless, I did not walk with my fellow classmates this past week, I felt it would be too harsh a blow to start the 'remember-whens' with the peeps and then start school next Monday.

I did really like this past semester though. I made some amazing friends with the people I taught in indoor cycling and weight training. They made me feel like a million bucks and there may or may not have been some tears on the last day (and not even all of them were mine). Kudos to me for finally making friends at school, even if they are all over 50 yrs old.

I have one more left and I doing 2 internships and 2 online classes. I'm pretty excited slash nervous. The one internship is a yoga teacher training/body work program. It's going to be pretty physically intense and a lot of hours, but I'm putting my meat-head face on and ready to get my butt-kicked.

I will also be interning for the hospital as a corporate wellness guru. I will be creating a wellness program from 7 domains of health (physical, nutritional, intellectual, spiritual, etc). Basically an all encompassing program to better the health of the doctors/nurses/staff in the OBGYN/Gynecologic department of the University hospital. I'm mostly intimidated, but I plan on growing a mustache so they respect me instantly.

It's gonna be a crazy balls busy Summer, but as long as it eventually warms up, I'm happy.

Speaking of warm, this past weekend, before Noah-like rains decided to ruin my Spring happiness, it was delightful. I literally spent a day at Liberty Park playing soccer with Judy and reading in beautiful vitamin D rays. LOVE I tell you has never felt so real. We then hit up the institute dance and again, love and happiness filled my very core. Judy and I have been slaving away at our dance moves. Our current obsession: The Shuffle.

I am really gonna miss that Judy when she leaves. I'm pretty mad about it actually. Thursday night dance parties will never be the same. p.s. Thursday (leah's song) happens to be about our frequent basement dance parties. Default one of my fave songs.

But here is temp square from that weekend. It's from my phone, but it is SO pretty right now. Kudos mormons for your green thumb abilities.

Food Network came to town!! If there would ever be a reason for me to get cable, the food network would be it. They are doing this show/competition between food carts. All of these food carts from across the nation compete in various cities each weekend and each week a truck/cart gets eliminated. We went to the Cuban cart. They even had a DJ = had my vote.

Senior always gets me chocolate covered strawberries at the end of each semester. So, to repay the favor this semester I made him a book. If you are not an avid watcher of The Office this will not be funny to you, sadly.

It is titled "Somehow I Graduate." It is filled with my academic wisdom.
It is filled with helpful hints like:
*(these are all UofU specific)

"If ever in doubt of what to say in class, respond with 'Damn Bush Administration.' "

"When asked what you are studying, reply with, 'Suicide Bombing, there's only one test....and it's pass or fail.' You'll make no enemies this way."

"Always carry an extra #2 pencil. People always love the person during the test that has an extra pencil."

Dear Michael Scott, I will miss you dearly and The Office is a bust without you. Thank you for the years of laughs and quotes for which I was able to procure to any and every situation. You are a hero among the immature. You will be missed.

Oh, and I saw this downtown the other day at a stoplight. Made me chuckle.


Juje said...

That is a ridiculous amount of links on your blog. I clicked on them all. You guys all need to come up to Logan for a jont. Jaunt? Yes, jaunt.

kylee said...

i know i comment on every new post of yours but heck girl it makes me so happy when you post and i can't not tell you so. just call me the comment queen from here on out. so happy i saw your face at the tute the other night.