June 15, 2011

22.5 and The Book of Love

So, today was my new birthday. Don't worry, I forgive nearly all of you for forgetting, it was the first time it's come around. I don't like February, it's a bootleg month. Thus, with much consideration and deliberation I changed it. June 15th I decided was a phenomenal date. It was between that and September...both solid months. So, from here on out I will be celebrating the life and existence of ME in June, not February. But if you insist on remembering the 'technicality' of my literal birth having been in February, then I suppose I will forgive you and allow you to celebrate both.

Last night Megan and myself ditched the boys and her tiny tot and headed to Julia Mecham's CD debut/mission farewell show. Luke, my dear friend and one of the neatest humans yet to inhale on 2 legs, played on and recorded her album. She was amazing. Her voice was awesome, but best of all was her song writing abilities. It's neat that I know so many chicas with great musical abilities, empowering...even if I can't carry a tune.

We all crammed into this house in the aves and she and Luke gave us a great show

One of my favorite, I mean absolute favorite things about a show is the crowd. I sometimes forget to listen to the music because I get mesmerized by the people there, how they are responding to the music and just the different varieties of people that show up.

Roomies. Cute Chels

My date Megan.

I walked out of the library to find a double rainbow. You can't really see it in this crap-hole pic, but believe that it happened and was great. I also found a leprachaun and rode a unicorn to my car. Total Karma for studying, thank you very much!

p.s. She played one particular cover that I can't get out of my head and I fell in love with. Also check out her whole album on band camp


Juje said...

I love Julia! I wanted to come down to that so badly. Who knew I would have seen some fellow H-town ladies.

charlee ann said...

hahaha i celebrate june 15th every year if there is a worse month then feb it would be dec all the possibly presents your gonna get are in the same month.. gay. ps i laugh at your rambling, and i love em.