June 12, 2011

Buckle up boys, girls and all those lady gaga fans who aren't sure .....this is gonna be a long one

Wowza, so this little update has gone ahead and taken me all day to accomplish. I've read and reread the same material for my class about....~19 different times. Oh no, not the entire material required for my upcoming test, oh no, don't be fooled. I've reread the same page ~19 times as a result of being distracted by blogging and the ever disruptive and engaging world wide web. So, while I am undoubtedly going to fail my crucial exam, I have successfully updated the cyber world on my existence. You're welcome. I am a martyr and demand a gazillion comments full of sweet sentiments, such as, "rachelle, don't you worry, as a result of your blogging your failing grades and lack of degree certification will not inhibit me from hiring you and giving you a large sum of cash to live and play on - preferably doing yoga and running around outside with neat people all day." Nothing to specific, but that sort of thing will do.

Let me just update you on the current. I am so busy with Yoga, school and Corporate Wellness internships I have no time for breathing. I LOVE yoga so much. I'm addicted. I'll do another post about it soon, but just know I can't get enough and am inevitably going to probably try and shove it onto every human I know and care about...and if I don't care about you I will prob try and shove it on you anyway to make you more bearable and lovable. Help me if I start only speaking in sanskrit and stop shaving my pits. Thanks. I'm ready to be done with school, please pray I will pass my classes and be done in August. Seriously, it's that iffy :/

As a result of the pic overload I will keep my verbiage quick, snappy and to the point.

Here we are, currently, as current as we can get. I am right now at a cafe in slc (currently Nostalgia, earlier it was the lovely Cucina in the aves). I love this cafe, it has phenom art and the perfect selection of tunes. It makes me feel classy while maintaining it's very bohemian, unassuming vibe. God bless coffee addicts of the world for allowing me to benefit from their vast selection of cafe's, herbal teas and wi-fi.

Did I say I would keep it short...? I lie. It's a rotten habit. I'm going to quit.
Is that a lie? We'll never know.

Last night Senior and the Gibson clan all enjoyed some Bee's all-American baseball with a hint of Chinese inspired firework glamor. JP (Joshua Paul Gibson Junior - there are some other names in there somewhere, but lets be honest...4 is already rough on a scantron) enjoyed it, until the game went into 4 extra innings. Bed time was long past for him, and me to be honest. And the lack of clean diapers didn't help....for him, not me. Promise.

That adorable bow in my hair was provided by Megan. She's always trying to make me more lady-like. Such a cute endeavor, right?

Cute little munchkin.

We were trying to catch bugs. I actually don't think he knew what we were doing, he just liked grabbing at things and pretending we were squishing them.

I look a tad stoned here. I wasn't. Try and believe me. I don't like admitting that I look like that naturally, believe me.

Salt Lake summers are amazing. I keep trying to remind myself, "Chelle, the winters are NOT worth it!" But with how stellar the summers are here I have no doubt I will probably forget and endure another 8 month hell for the 3 months of bliss here in our State's capitol.
Nevertheless, movies in the park are back and we attended to watch Despicable Me. I loved it. Is that surprising? Nay. I love most hilarious cartoons, and some of the not hilarious ones.

I started playing indoor soccer again. Below is the result. Swollen ankle and a pair of delicious blood blisters on the toes. I am what single male dreams are made of I tell ya.

Farmers Market is here!!!! I'm so happy I could and have peed a little. It is bar-none my favorite thing about this city and it only got better when these puppies were there, for sale and dying for me to love them till they hated me.
Such amazing produce and jewelry and humans. I stayed for a few hours. It makes me so happy. If you haven't experienced it, please do. I feel I was meant to be a missionary for the FM. Come my children and feast on the literal feast at Pioneer Park every Saturday for the summer. It will fill your bellies and rejuvenate your spirits.

A couple of weekends ago Senior and I ventured on down to the So. Ute and experienced my favorite place currently in existence (besides Kauai), Kolob. It was great fun and Abby allowed for the peak of entertainment when she let the man-children play in her vehicle and get it stuck. No biggie, it was just a 3 hour ordeal. The man-children were thrilled and beaming by the end.
Faithful spectators Mel, Me, Brooks and Meg

The league of extraordinary red-neck gentleman.

She was reeeeaaaalllly stuck.

Me and the cute little turd Brooks

I don't know how to explain this. Mary Lu was involved. Is anyone shocked?

Celebratory dance = truck is unstuck.
I'm going to submit this to the Awkward Family Photo book.

Visit to the Wilsons:

If you have access to Summer's blog, then you have already seen this, and seen it done better. What a relief. But for those few who know me and not my sisters, here is a sub-par photo journey of my mother's and my travels to the Golden State.

These are out of order, fyi.

Ava after our girls night out on the town. She got totally pampered and was so funny the whole time. You can tell she doesn't get out much without the other tinies...or out much period.

Noah found his new best friend in Linnie. They built a fort and played all day every day. His fort was a pretty big deal.

We spent a day in San Fran. Much better go around than my last visit. No pneumonia or hospital visit to report. Wait, that's a lie, Ava had to go to the hospital and I got the flu the last night. If ever I thought about moving to California, my last hope was squished...very squished, beneath a pile of vomit and hospital smells. Sorry for the visual.

Summer and her sprouting class. It went very well and the food was delish.

Back to San Fran, this is us looking at the smelly sea lions.

Summer and Ava at Girls Night Out.

Noah looking at Alcatraz.

Restaurant from girls night out. Wow, the efficiency at which I uploaded these is mind boggling.

How cute are these little punks?

Ava's hair in the morning i s nothing short of phenomenal.
I always want to salute when I see it, I think she looks like George Washington in the morning.

Cute little fam.

Walking the pier

I LOVE the streets of San Fran. We didn't get to see tons, but I love how they look, the houses, the hills, the freaks that live in them. Great things.

Cheese nut.
We also drove up Highway 1 and went to the coast, it was amazing. There was an ashram we went and investigated that I am pretty sure I am going to go hide away in for a while.
I forgot to upload those pics, but I'm pretty sure we will all survive.


Judy left right after I left. Saddest day. Only minutely sadder than major tragedies such as Princess Di's death, Hurricane Katrina, World War II, etc.

These two cuties are also off the Brazil then Florida where Gavin will go to grad school. I love Barb and Gav so much, they are such an endearing couple. They look marriage look like it wouldn't be absolute hell. Kudos guys, kudos.

To document I will leave you with one concrete statement that sums up the experience:

BONO is nothing short of superhuman and I would kill to have his superhuman children.

Terrence and Rachel Riggs, our concert buddies.

Ok, so one more thing, the stage was amazing. I have no clue how they set that up in a day, but no doubt Bono did it alone and didn't break a sweat.


Senior took me camping last weekend. It made me so happy. I've been dreaming, daydreaming, pretending, indulging mind movies about camping ALL WINTER. Needless to say I was over the finally visible moon about it.
We went up in the Uintahs, about a half hour passed Kamas and it was the most beautiful, ideal camping spot. I can't wait to take a load of peeps and have a wonderful camping party up there. What? I need friends to do that?! Harsh crowd, harsh.

I'm determined to get into widdling. Matt doesn't believe me. Wait, just you wait. I'll convince him and the rest of you soon enough. Don't be surprised if your next Christmas gift is a serene, wooden duckling sitting on your porch. Just sayin.
I know, right? So great.

Senior made, I repeat MADE us play dominoes for an absurd amount of time. He also made up most of the rules. It was not my finest hour(s). He thought I was cheating so he put all of the dominoes in the pan where he would hold it up and I would have to strain to grab them, to ensure I couldn't see what I was getting. Extreme much?
This is literally just for Abby. Sorry bub, matt thought he was insanely funny.

Wow, have you ever met a tree or mountain you couldn't conquer mysterious lumber jack?
No, no I haven't. How did you know?

Rainbows and Drag Queens:

Right after camping, as in we drove directly to the Trax station, we decided it was essential that we go see the Pride Parade downtown. Literally,.....well, honestly there are no words. I can't even begin to describe the spectacle seen. You just need to experience it yourself. I did loooove imagining my brothers-in-law Ty and Matt being there, oh how their jaws just would have dropped.

This is part of the 'It's Raining Men' float.
The actual float, can you see the little umbrella with Ken dolls hanging from it? Seriously amazing. I left feeling.....I don't really know the word, so I will just let silence and photos do the talking.
And that's about it folks. I have nothing more to report at this time. Thank you and God bless.


Summer said...

rachelle, don't you worry, as a result of your blogging your failing grades and lack of degree certification will not inhibit me from hiring you and giving you a large sum of cash to live and play on - preferably doing yoga and running around outside with neat people all day. Happy, is that what you wanted? Solid post. You'll remember those awful winters when it snows in June. :) Actually, you're right SLC summers are beautiful.

Megan said...

You know it's a long post when there's only ONE on your entire page! I can't believe I spent an hour of my life reading it.

That is one adorable kid, that JP. And I'm glad you chose the most flattering pics of you and Matt. You're both SO PRETTY!

-Kyle and Emily- said...

Epic post! You might fail, but at least your post was nothing short of epic.

Ty * April said...

That post was like the energizer bunny. Way to sacrifice your class for updating all of us...finally. Now how about you come and visit again.