August 22, 2011

Animorphs and Captain Von trapp

Has it been since Nam'? I believe it has. I must say I haven't really missed the blogging world, until I re-visited it again, out of sight out of mind sort of thing, kind of like siblings;). To be completely honest, my very intriguing world, according to myself, has been turned upside down as of late. When those cheesy Young Woman's lessons happen and they tell you, "you're coming up on the most transformative time of your life," those cowards weren't lying. I am experiencing so much change and transformation every day. I feel like I'm one of those books with the creepy illustrations in tween sections of the library - 'animorphs' or whatever they're called. Yoga is changing everything and I'm so glad to be doing it every day. We are continuing the training till December to get 500 hour certified. I love the peeps I do it with so much. It's a lot of hours but I look forward to it tons. Can I bend like a twisty, bob-cat pretzel (in the beautiful words of Sandra)....? No. I'm still shocked when one of my extremities can touch my other extremities. But I'm learning so much and my attitude of life and the world is changing pretty drastically. Not that I was ever a danger to myself with a razor blade and exposed wrists, but a lot of things are making a lot more sense. God bless yogis. If anyone is ever in slc, please come to a class. If I like you at all I promise I want to share this with you. Even if I don't like you, maybe if you did a tad more yoga I would begin to. Solid deal, right?

I am also so happy with this time of life. It's hard. I'm graduated, which is crazy weird. After going to school every day since I was 5 this is going to be a new transition. I'm excited for it, but I'm secretly resenting all those cuties that get to go to the U tomorrow and meet their new professors and make new friends. I love class. Homework can flush itself down the toilet, but class, class I love. I might just go and sit in on some classes if and when I have time.

I'm doing yoga, but I'm also doing Corporate Wellness up at the hospital for the OB/GYN department. I'm hoping to be employed here soon. It's taking some time, but I have pretty high hopes....I blame my mother for making me feel like I'm cooler than I prob am.

I have great friends. I know everyone says it, but I just do. I have my best friends from high school who I still would take 92 bullets for and I have new friends I'm making, especially right now. Judy is back from Italy and I could count the minutes we have been apart on one hand. I love my roommates, Caitlyn, Judy and Lee. I woke up today with all of them in my bed and then a dance party began and took over our morning. I'm a lucky bass. So many don't have close friends, I don't know who I swooned in heaven to have this many close, close friends who get me, but I'm so glad I did it. I'll blackmail them again if I have to to keep them for life.

So I'm going to just go ahead and picture vomit on you and attempt to keep the words to a minimum. Have I ever succeeded at that? Nay.
Practice, Practice, Practice.

This is the current moment.
Cute? Yes, all the fellas at church were eating their literal hearts out. Mormons....aren't ready for this jelly.

So me, Lee, Erica and Erica's fam dam all went to San Diego. Erica's dad has been working on a beach house and we, being the saints that we are, offered to come and 'assist' in the manual labor. It was great. San Diego isn't the suckiest place I can think of. It was right by the beach and so beautiful.
The view from the house

Me and Lee got our first taste at roofing. Literally, we tasted it, there was a lot of dirt, muck and other unidentified dusty things in my mouth. It was so fun. I was not meant to be born of the privilege that I am. I sincerely just want to roof and mow lawns the rest of my life. Give me a sombrero and less albino skin, I'm in.

The whole gang. The best part was that there was a roofing crew on a house next door with actual roofing fellas. Then there was just Allan and all us gals, dancing, singing and roofing so loudly. It was a pretty phenomenal sight.

One of the days we ventured out and saw the city.
We went to the mormon battalion museum, which you will get a wonderful dose of in a second. We then ditched ol Becky to chill with all her favorite dead people while we went to the piers and ate fish.

Just for cute measure.

Ignore erica, I'm showing the pic for the beautiful view from the restaurant.

How cute is this? Erica Jane, one of my favorite people on the planet, is a track star. Literally the fastest girl at our school and jumps like she should have been born in Africa. She is on the BYU track team even. I tell you all of this to adequately display how hilarious it is that she hates exercise. Hates it. She hates walking more than most people hate an eventful trip to the dentist. Knowing this throughout an extended period of time together, we knew we had an issue. Erica would whine. But lo and behold, due to the kind universe and heavenly presence that presides over us we found a wheelchair in the beach house. Just a random gift from the heavens hiding in the closet. So, of course we brought it and Erica gladly pretended to be a cripple and all were happy.

Funny story: Erica was being pushed by an obliging Leah when a curb jumped out of nowhere and Erica was tipped out of her wheelchair. Being an agile athlete she jumped up and recovered before she could eat pavement. When she gained composure a group of people gawked and one bike taxi man yelled, "It's a miracle!!! You can walk!!"

Yep, Lee is a pioneer. This was bar-none with the whole trip. The mormon battalion place was way cool, and lo and behold Lee and myself both have ancestors that were in it (Augustus, Gus's name sake). The tour was kind of like a Disney, interactive thing. God bless the sister missionaries that did it.....I'm assuming it's not their first choice. Just an assumption.
Lee was the volunteer.
It was like trying not to laugh when someone farts during the prayer. Impossible.

Mini photo shoot at the beach.

Walks in San Diego at night are great. Didn't hate it.

I call this one Battle of the Boobs. I will give you one guess at who won (sorry er)

Don't know why, but this one is my favorite. I'm really in to knees, I guess

Only thing missing is Montana. She get home from her mish on the 8th!! I can't wait to give her a noogie for each day she was gone.

Back to SLC. We have been going to a ton of phenomenal concerts. This one was of Luke's band Matteo at the library. We went to one last night in a beautiful park that I will tell about before another decade passes.

Bear Claus. These girls are so beautiful and so amazing. Kilby court has given me a few winners for which I will forever be grateful.
Terrible quality, but I have to prove I have friends. Caitlyn (catfish), Awkward spencer and stevie

Melissa and mommy came up and played with me recently, it was delightful and during our shopping adventures we found this book in the gardening and mommy section. Made my day....lies, made my week.
Went to my first Spanish Fork rodeo. Boy, was it magical. Jeb was a state champ wrestler there and you would have thought he was the mayor. He knew everyone and got us into everything for free. Made me feel like I was in H-town. Full of down home cowboys and peeps who still think the high school friday night football game is far more important than any 'congressional address.' Loved those people.
Jeb and Dan

I just wanted to post this pic to brag about my mother and her amazing gardening abilities. She graces our apartment with bountiful baskets fairly often. Her tomatoes are worth drooling over.
She went to her first slc farmer's market and her reactions didn't disappoint. She screamed louder about this big onion than any expensive christmas present I've ever seen her receive. My poor father, right?
I went to hurricane for basically ten minutes, or so it felt like, to throw Abby/bub a bridal shower. It was so much fun. Never has anyone received hotter lingerie...from her mother. It was a lot of fun. I have a ton of neat, funny, pervy ladies in my family. It was so fun and..informative?

too bad about me not having a hand, huh? I know, it sucks for me.

Caitlyn and I took our lesbian dates to our work party. We went to the Sound of Music at Sundance. Sundance is amazing. I've never been before and it was so beautiful. Me and Robert Redford might have future together, I'm now realizing. I loved the play as well. I don't really love the movie, don't hate me, but the play changed my opinion. The actors did a phenomenal job and the sing-alongs made me giddy.

Caitlyn and her date amandass

Me and my date Megan. She's the cutest pregnant chica ever. She was such a great date. Her poor husband and children might never get to play with her again if I have any say on the matter.

My other dear co-workers. Obviously intrigued with Maria and her quirky nanny-ing habits.

True story: It began down pouring out of no where right as 'raindrops on roses,' started being sung. It was so funny and everyone stayed and laughed in the rain until it stopped. Being the wretched date that I am, I forgot to pack ponchos for an outdoor play in the middle of August. Weird. So, Megan, being the classy date that she was, dumped all of her belongings out of her purse and we used it as a make-shift umbrella. We were the talk of the crowd.

Moral? I'm happy. Things are going well. A lot is changing and I'm trying to adapt. Summers in SLC are so beautiful I wish it would never end. Concerts, farmer's market, bike rides, long boarders, spontaneous, outdoor dance parties. I mean really. It's just unfair that some people have to grow up and give their soul to 'The Man.' I hope he never finds me. I'll literally create a real Hogwarts if I sense he is about to.

oh, ps, I need teaching hours for yoga, so if any of you humans need a yoga class for any reason, I'm free and need the hours. So hire me? Ok. I'll even do it for free, I like doing it, but we'll say it's cause I'm a christian.


kylee said...

i get giddy every time you update. i want to come to yoga. like really bad. it's even something i've added to my bucket list. if that's not wanting to do yoga really bad i don't know what is. if you go sit in classes for the heck of it please come to mine. i will surely miss our random bump ins on campus. screw picture vomit. i love word vomit. well i love your word vomit that is. oh to be an outsider watching the miracle wheelchair walker. what a sight that would have been. umm i beg you to create hogwarts. i'll be your first student.

Summer said...

Solid post rash! I literally lol about the miracle of eric walking. So funny. I'm so happy to know you girls know how to roof now, because our slc home needs a new roof before winter starts. We expect free labor as well, but no beach to entice you. why a job in slc? Don't you remember what is about to happen there in less than 2months.........freezing cold weather for the next 9 months. I would love a yoga class. Come out here and teach a class. I actually have a few friends, and they would come. congrats on the graduation, we're so proud of you. You have come a long way since those awkward freshmen days and living in our basement.

Summer said...

Oops, sorry erica, i didn't mean to call you eric. I know those so called friends of yours call you worse things, but i,m not as cruel as them.

Erica said...

i will forgive you slumbum aka summer ;) for calling me a species of those yuck males. and thankfully i am as quick as a cat and jumped right to my feet when that dumb A lee poured me right out of that wheelchair so i did not eat pavement. and i was very embarassed faking all day like i was a disabled and then popped right up and having all the homeless and tourist giving me a round of aplause for being able to walk again.

Brandilynn said...

I sure miss the days when I was blessed enough to hang out with you guys! Simply cool.

l a u r e n said...

pantina, i gotta say i love you. so funny that it started raining at that perfect moment in the play. miss you tons and wish i could see you all the time. next time you're down, i'll let you teach me yoga... or next time i'm up there. either. and erica, so funny!!! wish i coulda been there to see it. and as kylee said, love your word vomit.... i just love you. :)