January 29, 2012

It's A Major Award!!!!

This is apparently what the ol Mac thinks I look like with fish eyes.  I don't know if I agree with their interpretation.  I've spent far too long this morning laughing-so-hard-I-bawl at the pics I've been taking of myself and just how ug I can be. Kind of a sad sort of morning even amidst all the laughter, when ya think about it.

It's Sunday. I get most homesick on Sundays because I was raised by a Goddess of a mother who prepared phenomenal meals and I got to play with all the tiny little punks and send them home after they got too annoying. ah....such a good day Sundays at the Ballard home are. I miss them. 

I GOT A TEACHING JOB!!! I now teach two yoga classes at the field house on campus. Neat, yeah?

My friend Tyler Andrews, his sister emi and her lover Mckay started a band called Children of the North and we went to their gig Friday night and it was amazing. I recommend a listen to their stuff http://childrenofthenorth.bandcamp.com/track/im-a-pilgrim-im-a-stranger

Another night, we did this:

The Night We Contributed to the World of Science and Discovery

It was a night like any other when we decided to take this

And see how many balloons it would take to make this happen
(see Judy's tiny little specs in there?)

 It began with a simple question, hypothesis, experiment.....I can't really remember the rest of the process, but as the scientific method teaches us, there is an order to the answering of life's biggest mysteries through scientific means.
Different tactics and avenues were explored to find success. I feel like Thomas Edison would have not only appreciated our task but our persistance in trying many different things. 

Finally, they gently lifted off her face like sweet little angels going back to their heavenly home

Creepy bystander. They're necessary to keep the study unbiased  

The proud researchers and their final product. Publishers will be peer reviewing and putting the study up for debate soon.

There was a contest as to how many balloons it would take. Did I maybe create this post just to brag that I guessed the exact amount and stole some jam out of the party host's house as a my major award? Psh.....no. 
But yes, it did take exactly 23 balloons. I guessed 23. Hogwarts doesn't know what they missed. 


n.davis said...

Seriously would have kicked hermiones butt...

I seriously love you! I want to take yoga from you one day, that would be the happiest day ever. But I need to do it when I'm not a chubby child holder. ;)

Summer said...

I thought that first picture of you was just a self portrait, no tweeking. :-) makes you look so attractive. Good job on getting a job. I can't believe how grown up you are getting. Maybe you really should consider going by Shaherazod, it sounds so professional. OK maybe just if you where a stripper.

l a u r e n said...

For a sec, I thought you were trying to lift Jude off the ground. I was gonna say "it's gonna take a lot more than 23 bloons, Rash. Duh." haha but then I realized I'm the retarded one. Sorry for the judgement. On the plus side, 23.0 coming up soon. Get excited. :)