April 30, 2012

Birth Control, I Salute You

 Well would you look at that?! I'm inhaling and exhaling with the rest of you cyberly aware folk. I've been in a blogging funk. Muchas plain and simple, I haven't wanted to blog, thus I haven't. I don't necessarily agree with my choices, but I don't necessarily disagree. Grown up response. You may fein annoyance and sadness with my absence and I will therefore fein apologies by giving you a sneak peak into my current world. I am in sunny Roseville, CA for the week while I mold the minds of my nieces and nephews who's parents decided to bail to Florida for some whining and dining. I'm exhausted, but having a good time. Thank goodness my mother is here with me or shock would be minimal when Ava burnt down the house whilst growling (she growls a lot, but....why not I guess, adds a certain spice to life), Noah would have any and all bugs in and around his nostrils and taking over all the bedding in the place and Grant would have eaten all things undesirable and inedible and developed the plot for Contagion: The Sequel. They are cute little farts though, good thing for them. But, nevertheless, I thank those lab rats who helped us develop birth control. I owe you creepy little furry things so much.

Today we went for two loooooong bike rides to the creek, which is an every day must. There are turtles, ducks and 'supposedly' otters. I will believe when I see the illustrious creatures. We made message boards for the playhouse from Home Depot, (a place I used to hate and now like quite a bit), made mad popcorn while attempting to teach family home evening....it was laughable. We also had a water balloon fight, went swimming, played trampoline angry birds, and watched Chipwrecked. I'm pooped. The kids are pooped. Day well spent.

For now that is my existence. But I do have quite a bit of updating to do, so get excited, or get crazy bored...the following can aid in the former, if you're having trouble.

 Do you almost believe their sweetness? Don't be so naive.

Teaser: This was one of my most recent mountain adventures, Neff's Canyon. Oh yes, it was seriously so good I maybe teared up slightly on the hike. Happy tears, little kids seeing a wet trampoline, or a fresh pile of dirt, or sprinklers on a hot day in a big field with no adult supervision. It's palpable. 
Dare you to not be stoked about that. 

Epic summer is already in the works.

Pardon me while I go fetch some kiddos who have decided to ships in the ocean in the kitchen sink and the olive oil is the egg yolk in the waves and their father's toothbrush is the oar.



kylee said...

always living the life.

Summer said...

Glad to see you r all still alive.

Adam said...

Thanks again for keeping my kids tame. Now you can sympathize with us when I tell my kids "NO!" and everybody else says I'm a deadbeat dad who never lets his kids do anything. If we never said no, we would literally die from exhaustion after two days. It's really a survival technique...

Nat said...

my goodness--we ARE on the same blogging cycle! can't think of anyone else I would rather share this weird phenomenon with. And you would love the south. I had never been south of virginia before this trip but every single person we met in north carolina, south carolina, and georgia were pure gold. everything I hoped they would be.